Stabilizing the 5 Body System of Earth

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Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Stabilizing the 5 Body System of Earth with

Divine Mother and Victory

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Tuition (Half price): $99.00 until midnight TBD and $198.00 thereafter.


This is exactly what Mother Earth needs at this time! I could feel the greater and greater levels of stabilization for Mother Earth in working through her various bodies.  The full force of the energies and grids is quite powerful. I appreciate participating and helping to anchor this work. This is such an important course, and perhaps the most important to date. C.P


Beloved Nasrin and Jim, Thank you both, Nasrin and Jim, so much. This will be a great help for Earth!! Stabilizing the 5 Body System of Earth with Divine Mother and Victory is a very beautiful course and so helpful in these days for Earth and humankind. I hope that a lot of our group members will take this course and will focus on stabilizing and strengthen our planet…


Course Content

This is a 7 Session Home Study Course. You may access the course material on-line at your convenience. Each of the 7 Lessons contain an Audio of the Guided Meditation, Transcript of the Meditation and a Meditation Summary. It is recommended that each Lesson’s Guided Meditation be repeated for a 24 hour period before moving to the next.


Course Overview

The year of 2011 has been full of Natural and Man-made disasters. Divine Mother has told us that these events have been necessary for Mother Earth to shake herself off of the lower vibrational energies that are no longer acceptable.

It is also important, as this great shaking off of the dross happens through these catastrophic events, to bring energetic stability back to Mother Earth once the events have run their course. Just as we have energies bodies around our own physical body (called our Five Body System), so do all things, including Mother Earth. These catastrophic global events, whether natural or man-made, cause great trauma to the Energies Bodies of Earth, as well as to Earth’s Physical Body.

The Five Body System of Earth

It is easy to see the effects of these events on the Physical Body of Earth in the form of flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the war torn and scarred lands where battles are raging but there is also trauma throughout the Five Body System of Earth.

In this course, Divine Mother offers us an explanation of the workings of the Five Body System of Earth and how we can assist Earth in returning her energy bodies back into alignment. The Physical Body, Etheric Body and Emotional Body (where the Masters reside) are all in need of clearing and realignment. The Mental and Spiritual Bodies of Earth, which would typically Over-light the Three Lower Bodies to bring them into equilibrium, are unable to because of the amount of pollution and trauma that has and is happening on Earth.

That is why Divine Mother has called us. She is asking for the establishment of Clearing and Stabilizing Grids of Light at each of Earth’s Five Energy Bodies. Our beloved Goddess of Victory and her Legions have come forth to offer their service in achieving this great task. Divine Mother also calls on the Angelic Forces of Violet Flame, Ray and Light to bring their transmutational qualities to these Grids, as well as the Masters, Silent Watchers and Great Silent Watcher.

As we continue on our path into 2012, much needs to be done to assure that the best outcome is achieved. Join us, Divine Mother, Goddess of Victory, the Masters, Angelic Forces of Violet Flame, Ray and Light in this greatly needed service to our beloved Goddess Gaia and Mother Earth.

Course Synopsis

Lesson 1: Grid of Light to shower Earth with Cobalt Blue Light of Mercy

Lesson 2: Stabilizing the Physical Body of Earth

Lesson 3: Stabilizing the Etheric Body of Earth

Lesson 4: Stabilizing the Emotional Body of Earth

Lesson 5: Stabilizing the Mental Body of Earth

Lesson 6: Stabilizing the Spiritual Body of Earth

Lesson 7: Combining all Five Layers to Stabilize the Five Body System of Earth



Tuition (Half price): $99.00 until midnight TBD and $198.00 thereafter.


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