Spring Equinox 2014 Celebration

 Tuition: $18.00.

The Live Channeling for this event was on Thursday, March 20, 2014.

This will be the first of the four major portal days of this New Year off 2014. Divine Mother has predicted that this coming year will hold some amazing things for all of us as the Energies of the Divine Feminine become more grounded into this Reality. The Five Elements and the fabric of this Reality are becoming accustomed to the way the Shakti flows, as this new paradigm becomes anchored. Each of us are also becoming more familiar with the new Feminine Energies and are beginning, at times knowingly and at other time unknowingly, to enhance them.

Course Content: This course is comprised of:

  • Audio of Guided Meditation
  • Transcript
  • Text Summary of the Guided Meditation

Course Instructions:

  • Listen to the audio of the Guided Meditation
  • Repeat this meditation as often as possible using the audio file and/or the Meditation Summary at the end of each Lesson text.
  • We recommend repeating this meditation for at least 33 days.


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