Silent Watchers at the Throne of Ellah

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School:

Silent Watchers at the Throne of Ellah


Tuition is typically: $99.00.

For a limited time: $33.00.

This is a 1 Session Course comprised of a 90 minute audio of a Guided Meditation given by Divine Mother. A Transcript and Meditation Summary will also be provided.

You are invited to join Divine Mother in installing the Silent Watchers at the Throne of Ellah.

Note: We highly recommend that you take Silent Watchers – Guardian Angels of Earth and Humankind and the Home Study Course, Creation of Angelic Watchers with Melchizedek and Divine Mother, before Silent Watchers at the Throne of Ellah, so that you can witness and participate in the events leading up to this Landmark point. 

The Great Silent Watcher, the Cosmic Being who is responsible for the creation of our entire Solar System, has offered her over-lighting presence to raise the vibration of Earth’s entire Hierarchy of Thrones. She has specifically requested a dispensation from Divine Mother to send the Silent Watchers, who have become the Guardians of Earth, to cocoon the Throne in the 55th Dimension, in order to dissolve all disruption and correct all misalignment.

The Emotional Body of Mother Earth falls into the dimensions which relate to and are under the auspicious of this Throne. The Silent watchers are Feminine Beings. Having this Feminine presence will magnify the creativity and fertility of Earth which will heal her Emotional Body with greater acceleration.

Divine Mother invites us to join her in ceremony, installing the Silent Watchers, as the Life Force of the Throne, and the over-lighting presence of Great Silent Watcher, as a Magnetic Force Field, to raise the vibration in the 55th Dimension and every Dimension of Reality below it. Your presence is requested, not only as witnesses but also as participants; adding your own Light, Will Power and Intentions, to bring this event into our Manifest Reality.

The ceremony for installing the Silent Watchers will take place on 10/21/2011. The numerology of this date adds up to number 8 which is the universal number for abundance, good will and good fortune. 1021 and 2011 are the same numbers in different order. Double numbers carry the energy of Mastery. In this case, the numbers are repeated twice and form book ends to further magnify the energetic impact of this event.


Tuition typically: $99.00. 

For a limited time: $33.00.


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