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Festival of Shivaratri

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7 Nights of Celebration to Honor Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, as Nataraj, danced in a circle of fire for 7 days to create the world. This event is celebrated as the Festival of Shivaratri, a point for balancing the Feminine and Masculine Polarities of Earth and balancing the Male and Female Polarities within ourselves. It is also the occasion to celebrate our love for each other, our ancestors, Mother Earth and all Ascended Beings of Light.

From February 10, 2010, for seven days we honored Lord Shiva and anchored energies critical to March Equinox, 2010.  This is now available as a home study course and available to all.

You may participate in this amazing 7 night event, honoring Lord Shiva through a Home Study Course format.


In Honor of our Beloved Sathya Sai Baba, who reached Nirvana on April 24th, 2011

Beloved Sathya Sai Baba left his physical body on Auspicious Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011 which coincides with Ascension Day – 24th of April. This is his sign to us that all is well, that Sathya, Truth, has been anchored on earth and now it is time for him to return as Prema Sai, to bring Prema, Love, back to earth. He promised that when he stabilizes the energies of Truth on Earth he will leave and come back as Prema Sai.

In his honor, we ask those of you who are already registers to the Shivaratri course and are familiar with the Shivaratri Chants to please take a moment to perform Ceremony and play the Shivaratri Chants to Divine Mother and Sai Baba, on behalf of your loved ones, earth and our group. Sai Baba’s power and compassion is vast and limitless now that he is no longer confined in a physical body.

In peace and Oneness we stand together with gratitude,
Nasrin, Jim and Waves of Bliss Team

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Last September we celebrated Divine Mother and the Victory in Light of the Feminine Creative Force. We now have the great opportunity of honoring the Masculine Force of the Universe, Lord Shiva through:


Participant Feedback:

“The chants you are doing in the ancient Sanskrit language truly resonate within my heart and soul.  Not only that, but your voice is becoming more and more resonate and rich the more you chant.  This dimension of healing and energy expansion must surely be essential to our growth.  Much love and gratitude,” Carol.


Tuition regularly $110.00; now for a limited time:$18.00.




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