Sacred Magic, Phase I

Sacred Magic of Isis, Osiris and Thoth, Phase I

Participant comment, “I just stood next to the left paw, mesmerized by the Sphinx for hours…”


On a magical expedition, we journey to ancient Egypt to awaken the Sphinx and request the secrets keys which open the gateways to the Halls of Amenti under the Giza Plateau.  Inside the Halls we will be guided to the initiation chamber of Master Thoth, also know as God, Hermes, the Ruler of Planet Mercury, the Master Mind of the civilizations of Atlantis and Khem (Ancient Egypt).  We receive initiations in the Secret Sciences of Alchemy and awaken the Alchemical Potencies which have been hidden within our DNA Structure for thousands of years.  We will meet Osiris, the Sirian God-King and Isis, his consort the Goddess Queen from the constellation Sirius (Dog Star).  You are now called to awaken to your powers of Sacred Magic and alchemy.  You are called to join together and raise the awareness of the multitudes and masses.

Goddess Isis gives us an insight into the magic of horses and how this magic held great power in our world. With the help of Goddess Venus, this magic is to be brought back to our world and bestowed upon us once again.

Course Content

  • Sacred Magic PH I consists of 4 Lessons
  • Each meditation is 60 to 90 minutes long.
  • There is a transcript of the Invocations and Grids used for this series.
  • There is a summary text of each of the 4 Guided Meditations.

Course Instructions

  • Perform Grounding Meditation & Set up Goddess Isis X Plus Grid of Light around you.
  • Listen to the Lesson audio and perform the meditations
  • Repeat the meditation by listening to the audio or using the text summary.
  • It is recommended that you repeat as often as possible for 48 hours before moving on to the next Lesson.
  •  If you are guided to move to the next Lesson faster or slower than recommended, use your own judgment and be gentle with yourself.
  • Always invoke your Guides, the Thrones and Great Beings of Light to come forth and stand with you.

Course Synopsis

Lesson 1: Receiving Blessings from Goddess Isis, Osiris, Thoth and Veyga at the Halls of Amenti

Session 2 Summary: Ceremony with your Twin Flame at the Altar of Goddess Isis.

Session 3 Summary: Goddess Isis takes us before Lady Venus & we vow to assist in bringing back Horse Magic

Session 4 Summary: The Secrets of the Sphinx

Participant Feedback

…It was just so wonderful to hear the Hathors as I have connected with them many times. When they come in, I feel my ears become as theirs. Yes, I love their sound and today I am so happy to reclaim my joy.  Much love, Huguette

…Thank you for the experience of this first meditation in the Sacred Magic of Isis, Osiris and Thoth. I did the meditation twice, and the second time I went through the text, more slowly, with the most exhilarating results. On a personal level, the most amazing thing, really breathtakingly amazing, is the years ago I had a vivid recollection of myself as a young boy standing before the Sphinx. My father and grandfather were working in rooms below the Sphinx and told me not to tell anyone where the entrance was; they weren’t supposed to have brought me there. I just stood next to the left paw, mesmerized by the Sphinx for hours as they worked beneath. It was this same feeling as now, which I have never been able to forget. It must have been thousands of years ago. I didn’t know how to reconnect with the Sphinx spiritually. I’ve never gone back, but now I wish to, although I actually have everything I need after doing this first meditation. Thank you. Jeanne.

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