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 Returning to the Source of Your Light

The Seven Rays, Seven Masters and Seven Archangels,



The Seven Rays are the building blocks of Light which gives us life. Before we come to Earth, we live in bodies of Light. Light becomes fractured into the Seven Rays, like a rainbow, when it enters physical matter. As human beings encased in physical bodies of matter, we use the Life Force contained within one of the Seven Rays to begin our journey into physicality.

There are Seven Masters and Seven Archangels guiding and guarding the Seven Rays and every incarnate Soul. Over eons of incarnations on Earth, we have forgotten the Source of our Light and have disconnected from the Masters, Guides and Archangels who are our Guardians.

Remembering our Ray and connecting with the specific Master and Archangel for that Ray is essential for spiritual growth and acceleration in returning to our Source. It is also instrumental in acquiring our ability to function with greater success in the world. Until now, gaining this knowledge and connecting to these guardians has only been possible through channeled life readings.

Through this course, Metatron offers you the opportunity to become a Metatronic Soul, a Soul who serves all Seven Rays, awakening and re-connecting you with the Master Guides, Archangels and the energy of your own Ray as well as all Seven Rays.

There is so much more you can do in service to the world and for your loved ones. Through this course you receive Heightened Light, Love and Strength from the Archangelic Guardian of all Seven Rays and their Legions and guidance from not only the Master Guide of your own Ray but all Seven Masters and the Maha Chohan, who is in supervisory role over all Chohan, and from all Angelic Legions in his service.

Course Content

This course is comprised of 3 Guided Meditations presented in the form of videos. An audio only file is also provide for use during meditation, if you prefer.

Meditation 1: El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian and Maha Chohan.

Meditation 2: Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Lady Nada, St. Germain.

Meditation 3: Metatronic Souls for Renewal of Contract.

Course Synopsis

Through Guided Meditations and Ceremonies you will:

  • Experience the energies of all Seven Rays, Masters and Archangels.
  • Be given a chance to renew your contract to become a Metatronic Soul, a Soul that serves all 7 Rays and receive an Initiation from each of the Seven Chohan of the Seven Rays and the Maha Chohan to embody all the Seven Rays.
  • Connect to the Angelic love, Power and Protection of the Archangels of all Rays.
  • Receive a Permanent Protection Grid of Light and Guardianship of all Seven Archangels and the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light who are in the service of the Maha Chohan.

Tuition regularly $150.00. For a limited time: $33.00.



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