Return of Pure Abundance

Empowering Lakshmi with Cosmic Source of Abundance with Divine Mother, Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher

 Tuition for this course which includes 1 Lesson plus 108 Names of Sri Lakshmi is $150.00. 


This is a Path to Enlightenment Mystery School Home Study Course series so there will be no Live Sessions. You may complete the courses in this series from the comfort of home.


Course Purpose

In this course Divine Mother works with the Energies of Goddess Lakshmi and the Return of Abundance and Spirituality, and the return of Material Abundance and Spiritual Growth.

 Course Description

In the first Lakshmi course in the Victory and Earth’s Council of the Divine Feminine Series called, Lakshmi and Victory – Uniting Compassion and Victory, Goddess Lakshmi offered her gifts to Goddess Victory and we raised the vibration of Abundance, both material and spiritual, to imbue it with the Energies of Victory.

Now, in Return of Pure Abundance,  Divine Mother  invokes the presence of the Great Silent Watcher to bring from the Cosmic Source of Light the Signature Energy of Abundance. Divine Mother is the intermediary with the help of Goddess Victory to transfer the Energy of this Abundance, first to Goddess Lakshmi, who is the gate keeper – the Guardian of Material Abundance and Spiritual Elevation – and then to all the Earthly Goddesses, for each one can then use this Abundance to magnify the impact of whatever Qualities they carry individually.

108 Names of Sri Lakshmi also included in this Course

To honor Goddess Lakshmi, we include an audio file of Nasrin and Jim reciting the 108 Names of Sri Lakshmi as well as the list of each name and its meaning. Playing the sound file at all times is very beneficial. To recite the 108 Names, play the sound file while following along with a print out of the text. Saying the 108 names at least once a day will bring Goddess Lakshmi to your side and bring her Energies of Abundance to all your endeavors.




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