PTE MS Navaratri 2014 Ceremony

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We are in the midst of the 10 day Celebration known as Navaratri. The Celebration of Navaratri is the most auspicious time of the year for Honoring Divine Mother. In the 10 day celebration, Divine Mother battles the dark for nine days before becoming victorious on the night of the ninth day. The tenth day is celebrated in honor of Divine Mother’s victory over dark.

As we move through the energies of Navaratri, Divine Mother has brought us this ceremony. There is no more better time than during Navaratri to honor Divine Mother and make offerings to the fires of Navaratri for the release of karma and clearing the path for greater accomplishments.

This year Divine Mother wishes that we focus on the removal of karma for ourselves, our loved ones and the Planet as well as asking for the return and revitalization of the Elementals. The Elementals are Beings critical to the healthy functioning of this world and this Reality. The Elementals are charged with the care and maintenance of the Five Elements. In this time where our Planet and the Five Elements are in such need of clearing and cleansing, we can do a great service to Earth and Humankind as well sas FDivine Mother by participating in this Ceremony of Navaratri 2014.



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