PTE MS: HTS Comprehensive Healing Series PH 9 Ages 50 to 144

This Live session of Comprehensive Healing was on Sunday, June 8.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

Course Content: This one session course is comprised of:

  • Audio of Guided Meditation
  • Transcript
  • Text Summary of the Guided Meditation

This month we continue our Journey with Divine Mother creating a Vortex of Light to Attract the Indigo Souls to Earth in our Guided Meditation and building our strength further as a follow up to our meditation from last month.

If you have missed the previous sessions in this series, please start with Session 1 and begin the healing. You may advance to the next session after a week or when you feel you are ready, and catch up to the group quickly. To begin the series, click here.


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