PTE MS From Lemuria & Atlantis to Present Day PH 2

Lemurian Selenites and Atlantean Quartz Crystals

From Lemuria and Atlantis to Present Day Series – Building a Future of Peace and Love, with momentum gained from lost civilizations.

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Tuition for this 2 Lesson course is $125.00.

This two lesson course explains the stories of the Lemurian and Atlantean Civilizations in great detail. Divine Mother adds more pieces to the puzzle which is the story of these two lost civilizations while giving us a better understanding of the Crystal Structures used in each one. We can use our understanding of these crystals to then bring the power and healing potential of the crystals into our present day and help our loved ones and heal our Mother Earth. This is an enjoyable and fun session, especially if you are curious about either of these two civilizations. To register, click here.


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