PTE MS Expanding Your Meditation Awareness Series PH 1

The Role of Your Energy Bodies in Enhancing Your Meditation

Tuition for This Home Study Course is $125.00

This course contains:

  • Audio file of recorded channeling
  • Transcript of Channeled Session


Synopsis: Meditation is a brilliant and effective tool for accelerated spiritual growth. It is also a great tool for developing the capability of continually experiencing peace and wellbeing in all aspects of life. This capability can result in an increased sense of health, wholeness and wellbeing.

The best result of regular meditation is feeling the constant presence of Divine Mother and our beloved deities. Our ability to meditate expands our awareness of their presence and increases our ability to go into those realms where we can fully connect with them and hear, see and experience their love, nurturance and presence. Staying connected through each day and moving to higher levels while meditating, is the desire of every seeker on the Path to Enlightenment.

In this course, Divine Mother provides us with a much deeper and broader understanding of the mechanics of meditation. How the different techniques used in practicing meditation affect the different aspects of our Being. She broadens the spectrum of our understanding by describing the ways we can enhance our own experience of meditation by understanding the role of our energy bodies. Activation of our Energy Bodies – that is the layers of our Five Body System and Light Body – can greatly enhance our meditation experience.

Blockages and lack of alignment between these layers can lead to misalignments. Misalignments and blockages within our physical and Energy Bodies can cause our experience of meditation to become dull. Divine Mother offers full remedial exercises to remove dullness and she gives us healing guidance – with healing lights – to provide improvements and give us the ability to sharpen and realign the layers.


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