Psychic Development

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School:

Opening the Channels for Psychic Development and Channeling

What is psychic Development?

Your Psychic Channels help you connect to the Higher Realms, your Guides, Guardian Angels, the Masters and to your loved ones who have passed on to the other side. There is a science to developing the channels within the body to make contact possible. There is also a science in going through the process right; right for your body, right for those you wish to contact on the other side and right within the boundaries of spiritual and universal laws.

Observing all the RIGHT ways helps you grow spiritually and expand your consciousness, helps your loved ones who have passed move into greater Light, find comfort on the other side and be instrumental in opening the pathways to bring the higher Light of the Masters, Guardian Angels and the Guides to Earth to aid others who do not know how to help themselves.

You can be the Light that shines upon this world. This three part course is another tool for you to be of service and to grow on your own path to greater Light, greater service and greater wisdom; the Light that shines upon this world and changes it for the better!

Course Objectives: This course is beneficial for the opening and elevation of the Psychic Channels.

I. To receive guidance from Higher Realms

II. To communicate with loved ones who have passed

III. To connect with the Guides, Guardians and Masters in the Higher Realms.

IV. To accelerate your journey on the spiritual path

V.  To help you live daily life with greater ease and grace

VI. To receive the shower of blessings from the Great Beings of Higher Realms.

VII. To help your loved ones move to greater Light and be elevated to Higher Realms.

PART ONE: Opening the Channels of the Body

PART TWO:  Opening the Channels above the Body

PART THREE: Meeting Your Loved Ones, Your Guides, Guardians, Angels and the Masters  and receiving guidance and Direction.

Comments from Current Participants

“Nas, I just finished audio 1 of Psychic Development course. I do not have words to describe my experience. I can only tell you that I merged with Jesus Christ and Christ Maitreya and the entire session was in another realm. It was such a welcomed relief for me. I really feel “not alone.” Thank you for being in my life. Namaste “

Maureen S.


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