Psychic Development 2010

Psychic Development 2010

The Science of Opening the Psychic Channels and Living 5th Dimensionally

Open to all, no prerequisite required

Tuition:  $99.00 (all 3 sessions).  For a limited time: $33.00.

Now that we have successfully opened the gateway portals to the 5th dimensional octave on March Equinox 2010, the Masters will especially address the following:

  • As pioneer souls we can fulfill our soul’s mission in a shorter time and offer our Light in service to the Masters to fulfill their Divine Mission for Earth and all humankind.
  • Understanding about the significance of living the 5th dimensional way and letting go of old, 3D beliefs.
  • A deep understanding of the significance of the main primary guide and how as we grow, we change and so will our guides.
  • The meaning and significance of the members of our Councils of Light which reside over our soul lineage.

Why is it important to further open the psychic channels now?

There is a delicate science to developing the psychic channels within the body in order to contact loved ones on the other side and to connect with your Guides and Angels. We explored some of these on our first series and many of you have witnessed the changes in your lives. Now is the time to delve deeper and grow faster. March of 2010 is set by the Masters and our Higher Selves to be the time when the 5th Dimensional Octaves of our Reality open to us. This means living in much greater peace and harmony, free from the struggles of the 3rd Dimension.

We are the spearheads in elevating our world to experience this 5th Dimensional Reality. As awakened souls, we are called to action, now. This three part course will give you the tools to fulfill your part in making this event “Real” for yourselves and your loved ones, living and passed.

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Course Objectives

I. To elevate you to open your Psychic channels further and embody your 5th Dimensional Selves, establish yourself in the 5th Dimensional Octaves and become the spearhead for others.

II. To give you the tools to make a permanent connection with your Main Primary Guides, Angels and Masters to receive constant guidance.

III. To grow and accelerate in fulfilling your purpose on Earth and embodying your Divine Mission.

IV. To heal and help your loved ones, who are living, move to the 5th Dimensional Octave.

V. To hold space for your loved ones, who have passed, to move to the 5th Dimensional Octave and beyond, free from Astral Realms and the pain of what they have left behind in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions.


  • PART ONE: Connecting the Psychic Channels 5th Dimensionally
  • PART TWO: Second Night: Connection to the Main Primary Guides, Angelic Realms and the Masters.
  • PART THREE: Creating a permanent bridge of Light for the loved ones and for all humankind to pass into greater Light and be with their Primary Guides and Angels.


Tuition: $99.00. For a limited time: $33.00.




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