Project Awaken-Global Ceremony on Behalf Indigo Souls

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Project Awaken – Global Ceremony

on Behalf of the Indigo Souls with Divine Mother

1 session course

Tuition: $59. 


Course Content: This course contains a 60 to 90 minute audio recording of Divine Mother channeled by Nasrin. A transcript of the meditation given is also included.

Background: The year 2011 was a year of massive change and acceleration for all of us. The greatest global impact has been induced by the indigo souls, the generation of young souls of the New Age. These souls, known as the Indigo Children, are mostly in their 30’s and younger at this time; although the oldest of them are moving into their 40’s.

These Luminous Souls are feeling the urgency of these times and taking action. More and more are putting their lives, their future, the future of their countries and our globe on the line. They intuitively feel that corrective measures must be taken, and they must be taken now. We can clearly see the results, as these souls awaken to their Soul Mission, whether they are consciously aware or not. From the first movement in Tunisia in January, 2011, to the on-going Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street phenomena, these souls are commanding attention.

To support these Indigo Souls, to conserve and enhance their Life Force and to enhance their positive impact on a Global scale, we join together to petition Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine on their behalf.

© FAGU 2011


Tuition: $59.00. 


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