Portals of Light

Critical times require decisive action

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Portals of Light, Middle East to Australia-New Zealand

A Vital Home Study Course

Tuition: $155.00.

Join us to co-create a world of infinite peace and harmony.

Course Content:
This course is comprised of 4 Lessons. Each Lesson contains a sound file of a guided meditation and a ten to fourteen page summary text, including graphics.

Course description:
We have the ability to abolish man’s inhumanity to man which leads Mother Nature to take drastic measures to clear herself. We have the tools to abate natural disasters and allow Mother Gaia to trust that we can be good caretakers for Earth. The Portals of Light are Earth’s life support systems. Clearing these Portals of dross, darkness and pain is a significant way to help Mother Earth.
In this 4 Lesson course, Melchizedek, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, St. Germain and Divine Mother invite us to join forces with a host of Cosmic Guardians to embark upon a special project – never attempted before. Our task is to clear and stabilize two significant, vast Portals of Light. One is over the Middle East and the other is over Australia-New Zealand.
The awareness of these two portals and their significance to Earth and humankind was told to a small core group during a special group channeling to clear these Portals in July of 2009. At the end of those sessions Metatron said, if the anchoring does not prove to be sufficient, it will be necessary in another 18 months to come back to these Portals and take extreme measures to complete the clearing.
In January of 2011, 18 months later, rioting and revolution started in the Middle East while simultaneously; parts of coastal Australia were destroyed by flooding and parts of New Zealand were besieged by earthquakes. It is crystal clear that we need to come together with the Masters and Divine Mother to address these critical Portals and clear the Middle East Portal and stabilize the Australia-New Zealand Portal. The Masters need our help to spearhead this event.
We urge everyone to take part in this rescue effort. Even though this is a Level IV Special Projects Course, the Masters have asked us to make it available to everyone because of its extraordinary urgency, at this specific moment in time.
Course Goals and Purpose:
By anchoring the energies brought by the Masters and Divine Mother through this course, you will provide a great service to all and will be instrumental in reducing the negative impact of the events occurring on both sides of the world.
Lesson 1 Purpose:
To establish the special Grids of Protection needed before we begin the clearing and to understand the history and significance of these specific Portals of Light.
Lesson 2 Purpose:
To establish the Protection Grids inside a cone-shaped Vortex of Light, superimposed over the Portal of Light in the Middle East to allow Divine Mother’s Pure and Innocent Energies to pour down from the Pool of Creation through the Portal to the core of the Earth.  Meantime, we connect each of the Thrones from lowest to highest to the Portal through this Vortex.
Lesson 3 Purpose:
To establish the Protection Grids inside a cone-shaped Vortex of Light, superimposed over the Portal that is located over the oceans in the Australia – New Zealand area to stabilize the energies and balance the duality of Light and Dark.  This Portal of Light is directly connected to the Portal over the Middle East.  By stabilizing the energies inside this Portal – that is perfectly capable of maintaining its presence as a Light Portal – we can help bring balance to the Portal over Middle East.





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