Planetary Body Shield of Protection

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Planetary Body Shield of Protection


This 4 Session course is a Home Study Course so there will be no live events.

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Every Planet has a Protective Shield. This Protective Shield is placed around each Planet and vibrates to the Signature Energies of its Planetary Logos. It acts as a shield to prevent energies that do not belong to that Planet from entering. Sanat Kumara, Earth’s Planetary Logos, has not been able to envelope Earth in his Protective Light for thousands of years. We are all working hard with Divine Mother and the Masters to create the circumstances on Earth where Sanat Kumara can once again bring his Essence back to Overlight and shield Earth and Humankind. These circumstances include; raising the vibration of Earth and the 5 Elements and awakening the masses to his Light.

While we all work toward bringing Sanat Kumara back, Divine Mother is calling us to place a set of Holographic Spheres at critical Portals of Light on the Body of Mother Earth.

Christ Maitreya has come forth, as the World Teacher, to imbue Sanat Kumara’s Signature Energy with his own Signature Energy.  Because Christ Maitreya is physically present on Earth, he can assist in creating the necessary Shield of Protection around Earth, imbued with Sanat Kumara’s energies. Goddess Isis, Goddesses of Victory, Goddess of Wisdom and Great Silent Watcher also weave there powerful energies and protective qualities into this Holographic Shield of Protection. Multitudes of Angelic Watchers and hosts of Angelic Forces and Great Beings unite to assist in creating this shield.

Course Content

This course consists of:

  • Audio of Divine Mother’s Introduction
  • Transcript of Divine Mother’s Introduction
  • Grounding Meditation Audio
  • Four audios of the 4 Guided Meditations given by Divine Mother
  • A Meditation Summary of each of the 4 Meditations
  • A Transcript of each of the 4 Meditation Sessions

Join us in this great act of service to activate this Special Grid of Light within your Personal Body Grid.  Then, together, we will post it on Earth’s Planetary Body Grid. Divine Mother and the Masters greatly appreciate all that you do in service to Light.

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