Past Life Regression Series 1 PH 1

Past Life Regression Series 1   

Each month we will be guided by Divine Mother to visit a lifetime that is important for our individual and collective soul growth which can be instrumental in spiritual growth and success in this lifetime. Furthermore, at some of these monthly sessions we will understand our individual and collective connection and contracts with Divine Mother and other Deities.

We will go on these regression sessions guided by Divine Mother. She will take us to lifetimes where we have been involved in various civilizations of Earth and made an enormous impact. Participants in the course will be told about their accomplishments and about contracts specifically with Santa Kumara, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Divine Mother and other Deities and Cosmic Guardians who have chosen to join us to change the course of events.  Divine Mother will guide us to journey to those points in time and space where we have been instrumental in changing the direction of life. These civilizations may be those of Earth, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, or outside of Earth in star systems beyond Earth where we have been instrumental in changing the course of history at a much greater level.

Furthermore, since time is a continuum, regressions can happen in both directions- moving in the direction of past or in the direction of the future. You may experience yourself in a life time that may be in the future.

Past Life Regression Series 2

Series 2 will prepare you to regress yourself and help others to be regressed. After competing phase one and two, the participants will receive a Teacher Certification in Past Life Regression. This means you will then be able to use the tools that Divine Mother gives you to perform sessions, not just for yourself but for others to do past life regressions.


PTE MS: Past Life Regression Series 1 PH 1


Tuition is $125.00.

In the First session we will travel with Divine mother to a lifetime in a star system outside of earth where we all have had a life in the presence of Divine Mother and Sanat Kumara. Each participants individual contract and the group contract will be discussed in the first of these series to set the pace for  all the future sessions of series one. Divine Mother has requested that everyone interested in participating, to also sign up for the Wash Away Your Ostacles – Abisahkam Ceremony. Divine Mother states that this ceremony can help to “restore your own spiritual purity and integrity, as well as to clean and cleanse your 5-Body System and your Sacred Geometries by performing these sacred ceremonies.

To register for Wash Away Obstacles follow this link.


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