Navaratri 2012

Waves of Bliss & PTE Mystery School


Divine Mother’s Gift for Navaratri 2012


Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Navaratri 2012

 As a gift from Divine Mother, tuition for this  course is  $3.00 so that everyone can participate without hardship.


Course Description

In this course we celebrate Navaratri with Divine Mother. As we move into the 2012 Portal, this Navaratri Festival is the most important and meaningful so far.

This is the perfect time to use your Divine Mother Prayer Beads to enhance all your prayers and to accelerate the release of all dross and karmic entanglements which may restrict you, as you offer them to the Navaratri fire.

During the 9 days of Navaratri Divine Mother battled the forces of darkness.  You can start the 9 day program and tune in to these potent energies anytime through this meditation even after the official calendar dates, as your prayers will connect to the fires of Navaratri with equal potency.  On the 10th day, Divine Mother was Victorious and you can celebrate with Divine Mother and all that serve the Light.

We offer you great blessings and wishes for a wondrous and successful Festival of Navaratri.

Students Say: 

I listened to the wonderful Navaratri channeling.  I really cherished Divine Mother’s gift of assisting us to release the dross, and all else that we did with her.  Thank you for bringing that forward and making it available.  I’ll return to it throughout Navaratri. 


Thank you for offering the Navaratri meditation for $3.00. Divine Mother has blessed us with such a wonderful gift through this meditation. It is working very well and helping me to release many burdens. K





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