Return of the Mighty Elohim

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Return of the Mighty Elohim

Architects of our World and Guardians of Manifestation

With great thanks to all who have participated in Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Return of the Celestial Guardians, I and II, we move to the next phase which is to open the Realms of the Elohim and anchor their energy back on earth. The Mighty Elohim are the Architects of the Universe and hold the reigns of manifestation for the 3rd dimension. As was the case with the Celestial Guardians, the Elohim have been absent from earth for thousands of years. Their absence has resulted in the inability of Light workers to manifest lasting abundance or a reality of peace, tolerance and compassion here on earth.

Opening these realms and anchoring back on earth the Mighty Elohim will accelerate the manifestation of Light on earth and connecting with the Elohim will help us co-create abundance in our lives in concert with our Divine Mission.

Even though this is an advanced course, Metatron has asked that we make it available to the public.  Because of the great work done by the Return of the Celestial Guardians I and II participants, the Celestial Realms have been successfully opened and those who have provided this great service can hold space for newcomers to join in and offer their service.

Return of the Mighty Elohim, was given by Metatron in August and because of all the important portal days in August, the 6 sessions of the course were given in the space of 3 weeks with two sessions each week.

We hope all of you can continue your great service to the Masters, the earth and the multitudes and masses by joining us for Return of the Mighty Elohim.

Divine Mother’s Creativity Mantra

I am the Light of this Universe

I am the Creative Force of this Universe

I am the Feminine Principle of Creation

I am the Light of this Universe

I embody the Creative Force

I anchor the Creative Force

I transmit the Creative Force

I become the Creative Force

I am One with the Creative Force of this Universe

I am the Creative Force of this Universe

Gift from the Eloha of Creativity

An excerpt from Return of the Mighty Elohim (4 min, 26 sec)

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