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Return of the Lords of Light


Prerequisite Courses: Before taking this course, we highly recommend that you take the previous courses in Level III Subject Area A: Return of the celestial Guardians Phases I & II and Return of the Mighty Elohim.

Course Description

Before there were the Seven Rays there were the Seven Lights. Before there were the Seven Chohans, there were the Seven Lords of Light guarding the Seven Lights. The Seven Lights are the Higher Aspects of the Seven Rays.

The Seven Lights and the Lords of Light were recalled from Earth just as the Elohim and Celestial Guardians were. Since 2005 we have been working on welcoming the return of the Lords of Light. By now their energies have become established between the 108th Realm of Reality, the Abode of Undifferentiated Source, and the 122nd Realm of Reality, the Throne of Divine Mother.

In a series of 5  sessions, we will visit these Realms to offer ourselves in service to their Light and to receive gifts from the Lords of Light and their leader, the Maha Lord of Light. With these gifts, we will manifest Light, Love, Peace, Prosperity and Harmony within and around ourselves, our loved ones and all souls.

Join us in this great journey to become the beacons of the Seven Lights.

This is a Home Study Course and you may proceed at your own speed and convenience.

Note: This is an advanced Level Course. If you are guided to participate in this course, we welcome your presence, your Light and your energies.

If you are interested to participate in courses preceding this one, please try Return of the Mighty Elohim and Return of the Celestial Guardians, Phases I and II.


$150.00. For a limited time: $33.00.


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