Living with Sanat Kumara Phase II

PTE Mystery School: Living with the Masters Series

Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos

 Living with Sanat Kumara, Phase II: Becoming the Rainbow Bridge


About: Living with the Masters Series:

The Living with the Masters Series gives the student a chance to be in a single Master’s energy for an extended period of time and experience the Sublime through the eyes of that Master, as they serve the Light through their Divine Mission. This unique perspective can accelerate us on the Path to Enlightenment and in the successful completion of our own Divine Mission.


About: Living with Sanat Kumara Series

This Series represents a very special and unprecedented opportunity to meet and be immersed in the energy of Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos. As the Logos for this planet, Sanat Kumara has a deep, deep history with us. We have walked with him on Earth, pursuing his and our Divine Mission for eons of time. As our Planetary Logos, his consciousness Overlights our consciousness and that of Mother Earth. When we spiritually awaken, we remember that he truly is our Father.


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About: Living with Sanat Kumara PH II


Prerequisites: Living with Sanat Kumara, PH I, Lemuria is a prerequisite for PH II, Becoming the Rainbow Bridge. To read more about Ph I and to register, click here.

Note: We highly recommend the course, Returning to the Source of your Light as important background for this course. In “Journey” the Chohans, Angelic Forces and Elohim of the Seven Rays are introduced as well as the Qualities of each Ray. Through guided meditations you are connected to your Ray and the Great Beings of Light who are the Guardians of that Ray. To read more and to register, click here.

Course content and Format: Phase II has 7 Lessons. Each Lesson is comprised of a Text presentation and Audio of a Guided Meditation given by Sanat Kumara and presented by Jim. Each Lesson is to be anchored over a 48 hour period before the next Lesson is begun.


Anchoring of the 7 Rays in this Cycle

In our Reality on Earth, each Age is comprised of a 14,000 year cycle, where each of the 7 Rays is given 2,000 years to be anchored. The current cycle, started about 12,000 years ago. The first 3 Rays were anchored within the subscribed time frame, however, Rays 4, 5 and 6 have not as yet been anchored and the 7th Ray Souls are now arriving to anchor the 7th Ray and prepare us for the New Age of Aquarius.

The failure to anchor Rays 4, 5 and 6 is largely due to the fact that Sanat Kumara has been absent from Earth during that time. This is why bringing the Energies of Sanat Kumara back and anchoring the 7 Rays go hand in hand to become a huge boost in accelerating this planet and humankind to much greater Light. Divine Mother is working closely with Sanat Kumara to bring his Essence back to Earth and to anchor the 7 Rays, imbued with his Light, into the fabric of our bodies and beingness and that of the Planet.


Becoming the Rainbow Bridge is a Great Service

Becoming the Rainbow Bridge and bringing the Seven Rays from the heavens down to Earth is Spiritizing Matter. This is an enormous act of service which you offer to this world in awakening the Souls of this planet to their Divinity. By working with these energies, through Sanat Kumara’s guidance, you receive the Seven Rays into your body and your beingness and become the embodiment of the Rainbow Bridge on the planet.  When you fully embody, fully absorb, fully receive and transmit the Seven Rays, they become fully anchored on Earth.  That covers the gap of the stagnant times in the past where the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Rays have not been fully anchored in time, according to the planetary schedule. Therefore, their Light and their Qualities have remained unknown to Earth and humankind.

The Earth is waiting for the Fourth Ray Souls to begin to awaken and to embody Purity and Clarity.  The same applies to the Fifth Ray Souls, who are meant to anchor the energies of Truth and Hope, as well as the Sixth Ray Souls, who are to anchor the energies Selflessness and the Quality of Selfless Service.   All these Souls who will be able to awaken are still spiritually asleep. The Seventh Ray Souls are arriving on Earth, according to the Divine Plan, in the hope that they will be able to rescue all.  These 7th Ray Souls are the Children of the New Age, the Indigoes, who come with great gifts. Under Sanat Kumara’s guidance, you can be their Guide, their mentors, their torchbearers and way-showers. You can make a difference in helping to remove the bottleneck, awaken all unawakened Souls and assist the Indigo Souls of the 7th Ray to help with the dawning of the 7th Golden Age.

Many of you who are called to action now are the wise ancient and selfless Souls who came to Earth to Seed the planet and served to anchor the first 3 Rays; the Ray of Divine Will, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Love. Now you are called to come to the rescue of the unawakened Souls. Your Spirit is calling and you are heeding that call, to make time from the fabric of your life, to live your mundane life, be grounded in it and get everything done and be flexible enough to get this work done as well.  Know that great good is being achieved. You have chosen the highest path, which is to follow the guidelines of Spirit.


Imbuing & Protecting the 7 Rays with Energies of the 7 Goddesses & the 7 Lords of Light

Divine Mother has come to our aid by bringing 5 Great Cosmic Beings, Goddesses Victory, Liberty, Glory, Veyga and Venus to assist us. We will imbue the anchoring of the 7 Rays with their Cosmic Energies, along with the energies of Goddess Gaia and Goddess Isis, by setting up a Grid of Light with of Seven Goddesses around us before each meditation. This Grid will not only imbue the 7 Rays with their energies but provide great protection to maintain the anchoring of the Rays in perfection and purity.

We will also call on the Maha Lord of Light and the 7 Lords of Light. Before there were the 7 Rays there were the 7 Lights. The Purest form of the 7 Rays are the 7 Lights. To bring the perfected energies of the 7 Lights to the anchoring of the 7 Rays, we will also incorporate the 7 Lords of Light and Maha Lord of Light into our Grid.

Before each meditation fully ground yourself and then set up the Grid of Light with the 7 Goddesses and the Lords of Light.

Course Instructions

The Lessons in this series are detailed and complex. To help you feel that you are performing each exercise correctly, say the following, “I ask Sanat Kumara to personally Overlight me and perform each exercise exactly as he desires according to the Highest Divine Will. I trust and know that every exercise is performed perfectly according to the Divine Plan, through Divine Mother’s Grace. So it is.”

A lot of new concepts are given in this course especially in the first Lesson. After reading the Lesson, if you feel overwhelmed, take a look at the summary, it gives the meditation in bullet points. This may help your visual perception. Please be patient with yourself. This is a great act of service which you perform for Earth and all Souls through Sanat Kumara. 

  • We recommend that you first read the text and then listen to the Audio.
  • Repeat the meditation for the next 48 hours by listening to the audio or using the text of the Meditation Transcript.
  • Always be aware of Sanat Kumara’s constant presence, downloading his energy to you constantly during the time frame of this course and beyond. Read the text as if Sanat Kumara is speaking to you.


Tuition: $133.00.


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