Living with Sanat Kumara, Phase I: Lemuria

PTE MS: Living with the Masters Series

Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos


Living with Sanat Kumara, Phase I: Lemuria

Per request of Sanat Kumara, this course is open to all with no prerequisites!



About Living with the Masters Series:

The Living with the Masters Series gives the student a chance to be in a single Master’s energy for an extended period of time and experience the Sublime through the eyes of that Master, as they serve the Light through their Divine Mission. This unique perspective can accelerate us on the Path to Enlightenment and in the successful completion of our own Divine Mission.


About: Living with Sanat Kumara Series

This Series represents a very special and unprecedented opportunity to meet and be immersed in the energy of Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos. As the Logos for this planet, Sanat Kumara has a deep, deep history with us. We have walked with him on Earth, pursuing his and our Divine Mission for eons of time. As our Planetary Logos, his consciousness Overlights our consciousness and that of Mother Earth. When we spiritually awaken, we remember that he truly is our Father.

Courses soon to be available in the Living with Sanat Kumara Series:

Phase I: Lemuria

Phase II: Becoming the Rainbow Bridge

Phase III: Atlantis

Phase IV: Mercury

Phase V: Enhancing the Rainbow Bridge


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About: Phase I, Lemuria

Phase I: Lemuria consists of 6 Lessons. Each Lesson includes:

  • ·         Written presentation (approximately 6 to 8 pages)
  • ·         Audio file: a 15 to 20 minute guided Meditation,
  • ·         Transcript of the Meditation.

Note: Sanat Kumara requests that we repeat each meditation for 48hours before we begin the next Lesson so the Lessons will be posted to you at 48 hour intervals.

In the first series, Sanat Kumara offers us a chance to immerse ourselves in his Light. He shows us that he is the loving Father we have been missing. He also takes us back to the land of Lemuria where we walked with him. The Great Civilization of Lemuria was at its peak 350,000 years ago. It represents a time when the vibration of Earth was also at a peak and Sanat Kumara could physically walk on Earth. At the times of Solstice and Equinox, Sanat Kumara came to Earth to re-ignite the Eternal Flame in all the Temples and you were there with him.

Through these sessions, Sanat Kumara re-awakens our memories of this time so that we may build a bridge from that time and space to this now moment. We have an amazing opportunity to help Sanat Kumara, Divine Mother and the Masters build this bridge and bring the momentum gained in the magnificent Lemurian Civilization to this now moment to accelerate us into Light. We all carry this potential in our DNA structure, waiting to be re-awakened. Sanat Kumara is asking us to be the spearheads to build this bridge on behalf of Earth and all Humankind.

To assist us in accomplishing this amazing feat, Sanat Kumara offers us the unparalleled opportunity to have the Eternal Flame installed in our Hearts. The Eternal Flame is the highest aspect of the Divine Spark and has been missing for 300,000 years. Since then, the Earth could not rise to the place where this Flame could be brought back. Now, we can be the first to receive this great boon from Sanat Kumara.

Synopsis of Phase I: Lemuria

Lesson1 Purpose: To create a bridge between this now moment and this present Soul Lineage of Light to Lemuria, 350,000 years ago, when the fabric of existence was of the Highest Light. To recall your Levels of Mastery back into your present Essence to make those Realms of Reality available again on Earth.

Lesson 2 Purpose: To build a closer connection with Sanat Kumara and with the energies of Lemuria, Sanat Kumara takes us to the Great Temple to witness, as he re-ignites and recalibrates the Flame at the Sacred Alter.

Lesson 3 Purpose: Sanat Kumara takes us to the Great Temple in Lemuria to witness the Sacred Rites of Passage and a Wedding Ceremony. We receive the Divine Spark from the Eternal Flame from the Sacred Altar.

Lesson 4 Purpose: To understand the power of One, to connect with the Energies of the Solar Plexus of Sanat Kumara and to heal our Sacred Geometries to accelerate the elevation of energies.

Lesson 5 Purpose: To receive from Sanat Kumara, the Flame of Eternal Light into your Heart and to vow to be its Guardian for as long as you life.

Lesson 6 Purpose: To merge into Sanat Kumara’s Sphere of Light to ignite and recalibrate our own Sphere, our merkaba field, and be charged by the energies of Sanat Kumara to receive the Light and Life Force from the Planetary Logos.

Tuition: $133.00.


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