Living with Jeshua II

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PTE MS: Living with Jeshua Ben Joseph II

Tuition: $110.00

Prerequisite: PTE MS: Living with Jeshua Ben Joseph I.
To read more about Living with Jeshua I, click here.

Jeshua Ben Joseph II builds on what we learned in course I with two primary goals. The first is to provide tools and exercises to help Mother Earth clear and heal herself from the burden of her dross and conflict. Master Jesus offers meditational exercises to help release the dark and dim Light which pollution, negative emotions and stagnant energies have created. The second is to provide tools and exercises to help each seeker grow to higher levels of initiation and spiritual attainment.
Master Jesus explains in detail the great need for reaching higher Spiritual status and introduces the entourage of Masters, such as Sanat Kumara and the Guides and Angelic Forces who play a role in the evolution of each soul, from darkness of duality to High Initiates of Mastery. He reveals the process of illuminating and enlightening the energy points of the body and the means to charge the body with Higher Light, thereby preparing the body to receive Fourth and Fifth Levels of Initiation and the attainment of Mastery.

Course Content
•    Living with Jeshua II consists of 6 Lessons.
•    Each Lesson has a 15 to 20 minute Guided Meditation Audio and 3 to 5 pages of Text.
•    The Text contains the discourse by Jeshua and a summary of the Audio Meditation.

The final Lesson includes an overall summary of the 5 previous Lessons. The final meditation in Lesson 6 allows the seeker to continue to expand their energy field and prepare for the next course.





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