Journey Higher Dimensions

Journey to Higher Dimensions with Archangel Michael

Meditational Guide

Excerpt from Journey to Higher Dimensions with Archangel Michael E-Book by James Foster and Nasrin Safai.

“In these sessions, through deep meditational exercises, Archangel Michael guided us to clear and activate our Chakras 8th through 12th.  All of these chakras are located above the physical body and have not been discussed to any great degree in spiritual literature.  It has taken over 4 years for what was given in 2005 to be anchored to the point that the Masters will allow this process and these meditational exercises to be made available to all.

The Masters feel it is of great importance at this time in the history of Earth’s evolution that the multitudes and masses not only begin to awaken to their Higher Purpose but to have access to information and be given the tools to move along the path to greater spiritual growth. This E-book endeavors, through the guidance of the Ascended Masters, to prepare us to receive and connect with the Higher Light which we are so deeply yearning to embody, consciously or sub-consciously.”

The meditation guide consists of 5 guided meditations, recited by James Foster, and includes both the transcript and audio of each meditation for your convenience. This meditation guide is to be used in conjunction with the E-book Journey into Higher Dimensions with Archangel Michael by James Foster and Nasrin Safai. To learn more about Journey to Higher Dimensions With Archangel Michael E-book, click here.

Home Study Course Model

This is a Home study Course. No live channeling or discourses will be given for this course so you will be able to work according to your own schedule. Once you have registered, you will have access to course material upon login to your account. You will be guided in the course material on how to proceed and how much time to spend on each meditational exercise.

Even though live channeling is not a part of this course, remember that the Masters are working directly with you as you perform each meditation.

Listen to an Excerpt from Journey to Higher Dimensions with Archangel Michael

An excerpt from Journey to Higher Dimensions with Archangel Michael (1 min)

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