Inner Sight, Inner Light

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Inner Sight, Inner Light

Courses, I and II

The core of the Home Study Courses Inner Sight Inner Light I and II are a series of channeling sessions given by Metatron and Sanat Kumara and hosted by Divine Mother. Metatron coined the name Inner Sight Inner Light because the goal of the channeling sessions was to expand our inner vision by healing the Inner Child, Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments.

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the tools which can be used to heal our Personality and Soul Aspects in order to remove the dross which clouds our connection to the Higher Realms.

In order to see these realms, hear the guidance from the great beings who roam these realms and to be instrumental in serving them and our Divine Mission, we must open up our inner sight. This can be done when we are healed from the fear, pain, dross and struggles which have lead us to shut down our higher chakras; Third Eye, Crown and Channeling Chakra. Third Eye is the center for inner sight, Channeling Chakra is the center for receiving inner guidance and Crown is the center through which we connect with the higher realms.

Inner Sight Inner Light I

This course is made up of a series of six channeling sessions, all given by Metatron and Sanat Kumara consisting of six audio sessions with instructional text as lesson guides. These can be down loaded and exercised at your leisure and at whatever pace is convenient for you.  Registration instruction is at the bottom of this page.

Inner Sight Inner Light II

An expanded version of the above course is available for those who wish to continue this vital healing modality. This is a 26 week long Home Study Course lead by Master Jesus who walks on this path with you to guide and assist you throughout the course. Master Jesus offers deeper delving into the energies through weekly meditational exercises and monthly progress reviews that will aid you with the healing and give even more clarity to the nature and affect of this healing.  Registration instruction is at the bottom of this page.

To hear Master Jesus statement on the importance of this course at this time, listen to  a four minute audio excerpt of a channeling where Master Jesus speaks  of the  importance of this time.


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He beckons us to use the tools offered in these courses to prepare to receive the energies and be instrumental in the anchoring of the Light which will be coming to earth in the time frame between the 8th and 16th of August, 2009. The recording ends with a meditation and invocation. To  download the grids and invocation click here. To listen to the complete recording and meditation listen to the audio below.



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You may begin on this Journey by first participating in the condensed version and then moving to the expanded version or you may choose to directly begin with the expanded version. Below are a few excerpts from comments made by participants of the expanded Home Study course.


Inner Sight, Inner Light I: $33.00. 
Inner Sight, Inner Light II with Master Jesus: $33.00. 


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This is what some participants have said about Inner Sight Inner Light Home Study Course:

“I think I met my Twin Flame … is this possible?” GD, Belgium

“I loved the chapter 4 meditation!”
“I believe … We are it! And furthermore all of creation is learning from us right now! CC, Canada

“I feel joy, ananda, gratefulness, happiness. I feel…freedom and victoriousness are coming in sight and inside….” CJ, Netherlands

“My beloved and I are renewing our marriage vows in a beautiful little chapel… This is to celebrate our journey of love and in honor of our commitment to a sacred marriage together.” CC, Canada

“I am seeing a profound shift in my work. I do bodywork – massage, Myofascial release, cranial sacral and esoteric healing…  for 14 years. One day about six weeks ago I was working with a client and I felt Jesus in front of me, pouring light into my ajna, my heart, in the three fold flame and solar plexus, just like in the meditation. I felt like Jesus was amping up the level of Light and energy that was flowing through my hands, and my eyes.

I have felt the Masters more profoundly when I do esoteric healing and more clients are aware of their presence in the room, even those that have never felt that kind of presence before.” JMC USA

For more testimonials which demonstrate each person’s journey through the course through each month, see below.

A Home Study course is different from a Group Channeling Series and Conference Call in that:


  1. You will work with the meditations and information on your own and at your own pace.
  2. There are no set times or events to phone in to as a group.
  3. The entire package is, typically, sent to you at one time so that you may listen and exercise each meditation at your leisure.

What some recent participants have said about Inner Sight, Inner Light

From C.C…on 1st month…

The healing has been incredible. Like a birthing process… Initially and up to a few days ago I went through a period where many tears of pain and sadness were being shed…it felt like the dross, the fear from this lifetime and from eons ago was coming up and needing to release. I went within often and I asked the Masters to help me through, I slept more, worked the courses, journaled, meditated and the epiphanies kept on coming like a flood… I was shown a scene relating a present karmic entanglement to a past lifetime and I felt a great release and forgiveness with the understanding of this. Finally the pain subsided a few days ago and now I am becoming aware of Peace and the dawn of Joy seeping into my awareness a feeling that tells me my life is about to get much better. Enough of the pain and sadness. I want to experience happiness now.


From C.C. on 2nd month…

I offer this message as a blessing to Divine Mother as I sit here with her at my side. I have asked Divine Mother to help me form the words for this message to you as so much magic and so many miracles have taken place this month I am speechless.

I am overwhelmed with Joy and Gratitude to all the Masters, to you and your team, our group and to Divine Mother. I have to say I believe I have Awakened and my heart is now completely free to Love.  I AM free. Not only that, my Eternal Twin Flame has also Awakened and has returned home to me. It is a long story about a long journey where we went from innocence through much darkness and finally to wisdom over many lifetimes together and in this lifetime over the past 16 years. I now see my Twin Flame and I had many challenges and inner demons to overcome in this lifetime as we journeyed through the darkness. We separated 5 months ago when I finally said, “enough” and then we began to individually deal with some major challenges.

Our healing began from the inside out and we had to walk alone with only our inner guides as companions. We were both challenged with outer distractions from the dark side. We were tested and we both resisted these final temptations.

Then Miracles began to happen. I never imagined what followed was even possible. It is all truly a miracle. I can’t even fathom how we made it from there to here. But here we are.

We are continually receiving guidance now from the Masters and Divine Mother. We know that something big lies ahead for us now. We have something to teach. I could not have done my part of this without the healing and support of the Masters and Divine Mother through these courses you have offered to me Nasrin.

My Twin Flame did his part in his own way but I believe because we are one soul he has also benefited greatly from the work I have done within these courses. What I have told you is only the tip of it. As you know it is difficult to describe this in words.


From C.C. on 3rd month…

I wish to share with our group my favorite word for this month…INTEGRATION.
This month I have to say I am on board with Metatron in his goal of raising the consciousness out of the illusion of duality to a consciousness of UNION of ONENESS. From practicing the chapter 3 meditation I watched as my conscious self evolved, my inner child evolved, my male & female aspects evolved and everyone joined together and integrated with my soul, higher self, the ascended masters and Divine Mother. It was a beautiful integration and union.

From E.H. on 3rd month…

I regularly attend a circle. Last week, there was only 2 of us, the group leader and myself. She scanned my aura and started to say that she could see the rays radiating out of my like sunshine rays, (maybe like the beacons of light that we strive to be?) Then she could see Mother Mary standing by my side. Next moment she was channeling Mother Mary  for me!! (this was her first time at channeling). Mother Mary said that she was so pleased with my progress and then said that I was on the path of righteousness , and that I would succeed at anything that I worked on from my heart.

I felt so blessed that she had come through to speak to me and my friend felt so privileged to have been given the opportunity .
Such a special night for me and more confirmation that the masters are watching over us.


From C.J. on 4th month…

Here are some subtle, yet important changes in my heart.   First of all there is no longer pain and sorrow within me, though some troubles in my life are going on and on! My emotions are calmed down……….. thanks to Divine Mother’s prepared nervous system… all those clearing and cleansing meditations. I feel joy, ananda, gratefulness, happiness. I feel….. freedom and victory are coming in sight and inside….


From Michel…

What I have been noticing with the Inner Sight Inner Light meditations with the Masters is that the energy for that meditation sometimes comes to me a day or two before the actual meditation. For example this past Wednesday, I had another hard day with physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion leading me to sitting in my room crying for a while in the early morning hours.

Everything felt hopeless for about a half hour. But again I called upon Sanat Kumara, Divine Mother, Quan Yin and my Guardian Angels for help in releasing this easily and quickly balancing me on all of my five body levels. Within a half hour I felt so much better, I was able to handle all the crisis situations from a more detached view.

By Friday the energy really started to shift and on Saturday I was so filled with Joy and Bliss, I had a great day. What was curiously interesting was that all the things I felt on Wednesday (sadness, hopelessness, anger, frustration, feeling alone, etc) were now being expressed by people around me wanting to tell me their woes.

By the end of the day, I had to take an Epsom salt bath with lavender and cedar to get rid of all the sticky stuff from them and re-inforce the protection grid. Interesting how the more light you beam out to the world the more misery is attracted to it. There must come a point where none of the misery in the world can even stick to you if you carry enough light. I’m hoping that is the case.

Even my pets are feeling the meditations as they are changing as well. One cat always sits with me when I’m doing one of the sessions, either with you or on my own during the week. She had very loose bowels on several throw rugs over the past few weeks and I asked how I could help her with this and got an answer within a day and it worked. Now she is better and seems to understand me better when I talk to her. Another pet is getting more needy and wanting more attention from me and the other one is hiding all the time. I’m working with those two as well.

After every meditation session with you and the ones I do in between your sessions during the week, things seem to be clearing faster and faster on all levels. I hope you will be doing more after these sessions as I so look forward to these each week on Sunday.

Your books sit near my bed on a bookshelf and sometimes I just hold them to feel the energy of what they contain and that works too to release dross and sadness. I have read all of them except your newest one that is not out yet.

Even though my inner vision is not as strong as my feeling nature, I’m starting to get short quick pictures in my mind of these Beings of Light.

Thank you again and bless everyone that is working with you at FAGU and the wonderful phone group you have created to help the Masters spread more light on the planet.It’s working and I’m clearing much faster than I could on my own.

Blessings, Light, Love, Joy to you,

From Christine…

I’m so grateful to be included in the Inner Sight, Inner Light group sessions. Each session has become more powerful than the last. As Metatron stated, my week following session three was emotionally difficult. I was rent with the sense of loss and despair. I turned all of that over to the Mother and to the Holy Spirit and asked that all of my soul fragments be reunited. Much of the pain lifted after that.

For our session 4, I was deeply moved when you and then Metatron led us to release to Divine Mother all that we do not need to carry on our plates that is interfering with our availability to carry through with our Divine Mission. That was also a powerful release for me, although my specific mission is not yet clarified. The fact that I have made this commitment to fulfilled and exceed my spiritual mission perhaps is enough for now. I realize that all who are on this call are being over lit and guided by the Masters. Gaining inner strength and clarity and knowing our own resolve to follow the Light is setting the groundwork for each of us.

From Jenny…

Your ‘Inner Light Inner Sight’ session today was very very powerful as all your ceremonies with the masters are. As AA Metatron instructed me to invite my inner child into the meditation she climbed on my lap and we hugged and hugged. We felt so much love for each other and she let me know that she feels safe now…because I have awakened. She looked so beautiful and I love her so very much.

When Mother Mary held her so I could merge with the white light I saw as my Higher Self I kept looking back at her. She was so happy as she bounced on Mother Mary’s knee. Both Little Jenny and my Higher Self spoke to me and their words have had a very profound effect. Thank you Nasrin and all the masters so very very much.