Inner Sanctum of Victorys Throne

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Inner Sanctum in Heart of Victory’s Throne

Tuition for this 4 Lesson course is $333.00.

For a limited time: $125.00

This is a Path to Enlightenment Mystery School Home Study Course, so there will be no Live Sessions. You may complete the courses in this series from the comfort of home.

Goddess of Victory has become very prominent over the past few months and is working closely with Divine Mother to bring change to Earth and Humankind through anchoring of the Energies of the Divine Feminine and the Energies of Victory.

Course Description

In this course Divine Mother brings us to the Throne of Victory at the 121st Dimension. Here, Goddess Victory offers us access to the inner chamber of her Heart.  Within this chamber is the Seven Tiered Fountain Altar of the Higher Aspects of the Five Elements, imbued with the Energies of Victory. Here we can receive healing beyond the bounds of our 3rd Dimensional Reality. We receive healing for our body and our being, as well as for our entire Soul Lineage, in all Dimensions and Realities and in time and in no time.

Divine Mother offers us an explanation of who each of us are, where we have come from and why we are called. She fully explains the reasons why we are the ones who can and will accomplish the task of anchoring the Divine Feminine on Earth and change the nature of our Reality. She further explains our individual connection to her and her Soul Lineage. She stresses the significance of remembering ourselves and all our Soul Aspects in connection to her. She then offers us invocations and healing, including the healing of all our Personality Aspects for this entire lifetime. Furthermore, she expands the healing to include every fragment of our soul, in every lifetime, past present and future. She expands this healing to include all those Aspects of our Soul who are simultaneously living multidimensional lives through time and space which in and of itself is an enormous healing. This healing strengthens our connection with our own soul fragments and allows us to gain strength from our multidimensional aspects.

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$333.00. For a limited time: $125.00.


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