Inaugurating Great Silent Watcher

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School:

Inaugurating Great Silent Watcher at Her New Thrones

This is a two Session event

Tuition typically: $99.00

For a limited time: $33.00.


Note: We highly recommend that you take Silent Watchers – Guardian Angels of Earth and Humankind, the Home Study Course, Creation of Angelic Watchers with Melchizedek and Divine Mother and Silent Watchers at the Throne of Ellah before this course so that you can witness and participate in the events leading up to this Landmark point. 

Riding on the wave that peaks on the Stargate Portal Day of 11/11/11 (an event that only happens once in a century), Divine Mother has petitioned the Cosmic Councils for the presence of the Great Silent Watcher to be actively involved in our Hierarchy of 144 Dimensions.

Riding on these immense energies, Divine Mother conducts the ceremony to Initiate the official installment of the Great Silent Watcher at the Throne of Paramatman and Throne of Undifferentiated Source. The immense Electromagnetic Force of the Great Silent Watcher will pull the Energetic Force Field of the Higher Thrones to the Throne of Undifferentiated Source. She will then magnify that impact and push her Feminine Creative Force Field through the Throne of Undifferentiated Source all the way down to the Third Dimension. In this way she will reinforce the Overlighting presence of the Silent Watchers, who were newly installed as the all encompassing Life Force at the Throne in the 55th Dimension.

From her stepped down position in the Throne of Paramatman and Undifferentiated Source, Great Silent Watcher will more effectively exert the power behind the multitudes of Watchers sent into the Seven Heavens of the Celestial Realms, and through those Realms to us.


Tuition typically: $99.00.

For a limited time: $33.00.


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