HTS w Quan Yin & Bodhisattvas of Compassion

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School:

Hear Thy Soul with Quan Yin

and Bodhisattvas of Compassion

Tuition reduced from $150.00 to $33.00 for a limited time.

Course Content

This is a 1 Session course which includes the audio of the Guided Meditation by Divine Mother, including Invocations. There are also the text summaries of the Invocations and the Meditation. A transcript of the audio file is also provided.

Course Discription

Bodhisattvas are awakened souls who have walked on Earth and attained Enlightenment. They live in the ideal state of Enlightenment in the Higher Realms but they have offered to serve Earth and Humankind until Earth returns to peace and harmony and all souls reach Enlightenment.

Divine Mother has issued a dispensation for the Bodhisattvas of Compassion, Non-violence, Healing and Divine Order to be called by Quan Yin. Divine Mother has also fashioned new Angelic Guardians to magnify our intentions for the return of Non-Violence, Compassion, Healing and Divine Order to Earth. As a Bodhisattva of Compassion herself, Quan Yin invites us to her Etheric Retreat of Compassion to be assigned our very own Bodhisattvas. We will receive one of each of the four Qualities of Compassion, Non-Violence, Healing and Divine Order as well as Angelic Guardians, for all that we have done in service to Light.

Join Divine Mother and Quan Yin in bringing these Great Beings into our reality by anchoring them with their Qualities on Earth, in service and for the benefit of all.


Tuition: $33.00. 


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