HTS Quan Yin Jade Palace 2

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: 

Hear Thy Soul: Quan Yin’s (Kwan Yin) Jade palace, Phase II

1 Session Event.

Tuition: $150.00.


This course is part of the on-going Hear Thy Soul Series. To read about and register for the essential first course in this series,

PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance, click here.

It is also required that you take HTS Quan Yin’s Jade Palace, Phase I before Phase II. To read more and register for Phase I, click here.

Course Contains: 

* Audio of Guided Meditation

* Text of Invocations

* Text of Audio Transcript

Course Description: In Phase II of HTS Quan Yin’s Jade Palace, we will continue our work inside Quan Yin’s Retreat at the Jade Palace. We travel to the 12th Dimensional Retreat of Goddess of Victory to petition Victory to hold the 5th Dimensional Octave in the protective energies of Victory.

All this is in keeping with the Divine Mother and the Master’s plans for moving through the 5th Dimensional Portal, which is prophesied to happen by 12/21/2012. We are paving the path for others to follow into these Portals, by fully etching the Divine Template, imbued with our Signature Energy, into the 5th Dimensional Octaves.

Join us in ceremony at Quan Yin’s Jade Palace and Victories 12th Dimensional Retreat, to help prepare you, Earth and Humankind for this auspicious event.





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