HTS New Contract w Divine Mother

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Hear Thy Soul – Our New Contract with Divine Mother

Tuition reduced from $150.00 to $33.00 for a limited time.

Student Comment: Beloved Nasrin and Beloved Jim, There are no words to Thank You enough for all you do. I will do my best every day, every moment to add to the powerful energies you send on behalf of Divine Mother and all the Great Cosmic Beings who we are now working with at this time. LC


This course is part of the on-going, Hear Thy Soul Series. To read about and register for the essential first course in this series, Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance, click here.


In HTS; our new Contract with Divine Mother, we continue from Divine Mother’s healing chamber that she unveiled to us in last month’s Hear Thy Soul session. Here, the Grid Matrix that holds all our intentions for the future is filled with Streams of Light from each of the participating Feminine Cosmic Beings. They will Overlight and magnify our intentions with their power, foresight, and guidance and add their own distinctive intentions to ours.

With this Grid Matrix fully illuminated, Divine Mother will conduct an inauguration ceremony to Initiate our own individual and our group contracts. These contracts will be etched into the Grid Matrix to unfold before us the Ultimate Reality, as we move into the new spiritual year and continue on throughout this most crucial decade.

What we sew, with the help of Divine Mother and the entourage of Cosmic Beings, is etched into the Grid Matrix. We will reap the harvest, as it unfolds in our personal lives and impacts the multitudes and masses.


Tuition: $33.00


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