HTS – Connecting with the Indigos – Creating the Best 5D Reality – Phase II

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $150.00.

In the first phase of this new series of hear Thy Soul, in Nov 2012, we received the healing grid from Goddess Victory and invocations to receive a new contract for the unfoldment of an entirely new Divine Plan.  This plan will complete our karma in this incarnation and move us to serve a much greater purpose. The unfolding of this new Divine Plan is in alignment with Divine Mother’s intentions for Earth and all souls, as we move into Higher Light.

Divine Mother has requested that we gather together again for our Dec. 2012 Hear Thy Soul to prepare ourselves to bring in the energies necessary for this unfoldment and to stabilize the entry into the 5D Octave portals for the masses. We will further stabilize our own presence within the most appropriate layers of the 5D Octave, conducive to our future and the future of our loved ones.


Tuition: $150.00. 


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