HTS Activating our Scepters with Victory’s Flame Phase II

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School:

Hear Thy Soul – Activating our Scepters with Victory’s Flame, Ph II


Tuition: $150.00.

 Prerequisites: you must have taken Phase I before you move on to Phase II.

PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Activating our Scepters with Victory’s Flame PH I.  To read more and register for Phase I, click here.


This course is part of the on-going Hear Thy Soul Series. To read about and register for the essential first course in this series, PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Receive its Guidance, click here.

In Phase I Divine Mother introduced the Transmutational Flame of Victory and offered us a Grid of Light to use for our acceleration. In Phase II Divine Mother will continue to build on the energies to activate the Five Body System and Light Body to a greater extent and to introduce an etch our individual Scepters of Power with Qualities of the Transmutational Flame of Victory.

Tuition: $150.00. 


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