HTS with Mother Mary 1

PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling Series

with Mother Mary, Part 1

Open to ALL, by special request from Mother Mary

Tuition reduced from $150.00 to $33.00 for a limited time. 

This is Part 1 of a 2 part series – Part 2 will be offered in June. This 1 Session Course is part of the monthly Hear Thy Soul Private Group Session Series. These sessions are typically available only to those who have taken the initial 3 session course, Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance. However, by special request from Mother Mary, this 2 Part series will be open to all.

In Part 1, Mother Mary will explain the significance of her frequent appearances at Fatima in Portugal, Lords in France and the Dome of Al-Zeitoun Mosk in Egypt. All of these sites are locations where Mary has single-handedly created a Vortex to pull Higher Light in her own signature energy. Mother Mary is an Aspect of Divine Mother, holding the combined essence of Divine Love, Trust and Surrender. Through the Electromagnetic Force Field she has created at these locations, multitudes and masses have also been drawn to these sites to pray and continually bless each vortex with their own Light. Through these vortices of Higher Light, miraculous events have often been witnessed by the devotees who make their sacred pilgrimage to honor Mary.

Through this course, Mary invites all of us to come with her to the etheric retreats above each site to etch our signature energy into these portals, further amplifying the energies of Mother Mary. Divine Mother recently told us the fastest way to stabilize Earth and to be accelerated through these necessary changes is by clearing Portals of Light and re-establishing the Qualities of all Templates in their Perfection. What makes this course so important is that we are addressing both. Mother Mary will make clear the great benefit those appearances have had on the course of events that are currently unfolding to bring Earth and Humankind into the New Age.

Note: At the request of Mother Mary, this Session and Part 2 of this series (which will be a separate session offered in June) are open to All.

Tuition: Reduced from $150.00 to $33.00. 


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