HTS with Mother Mary 2

PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling Series

with Mother Mary, Part 2

Open to ALL, by special request from Mother Mary

Tuition reduced from $150.00 to $33.00 for a limited time.

In Part 2, Mother Mary will explain the significance Medjugoria, Montserrat and an apparition of Mary on a glass window in a hospital in Massachusetts.  Mary will also explain the importance of the Template of Purity, as the embodiment of the Immaculate Concept. The return of Purity to Earth is directly tied with the greater understanding of Immaculate Concept, the Pure Essence of the Feminine Creative Force. The Template of Purity is brought to Purify Earth from her tendency to attract vibrational energies of struggle, hardship and suffering. These tendencies, over time, often lead civilizations to self destruction and their demise, such as Atlantis and Egypt.
The Template of Purity, anchored through each of us and our Group Energy at each of these Portals that are visited by millions of souls each year, can greatly magnify the impact.
Divine Mother recently told us the fastest way to stabilize Earth and to be accelerated through these necessary changes is by clearing Portals of Light and re-establishing the Qualities of all Templates in their Perfection. What makes this course so important is that we are addressing both. Mother Mary will make clear the great benefit her apparitions have had on the course of events that are currently unfolding to bring Earth and Humankind into the New Age.


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