Hear Thy Soul with St Germain

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Hear Thy Soul – Private Group Channeling Series with St. Germain – Template of Divine Order


 Tuition reduced from $150.00 to $33.00 for a limited time.

This is the first of a monthly Private Group Channeling Series, available only to those who have taken the initial 3 session course, PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance.

Each month a different Master will work with us to build our connection with their own Soul Lineage.

In this first course in the monthly series, we connect at Soul Level with the Soul Lineage of St. Germain, the Soul Lineage of the 7th Ray, and the anchoring of the Template of Divine Order.

Course Synopsis

Divine Mother brings this message and talks extensively about the turmoil Earth is going through as Goddess Gaia attempts to clear and cleanse the Energy Bodies of Earth. Through these tangible examples, Divine Mother shows us the great need for the Template of Divine Order.

Divine Mother then focuses on the Energies of St. Germain and the Seventh Ray. In the Presence of St. Germain,  Divine Mother brings forth the Template of Divine Order for our benefit and for the benefit of Earth and Humankind.

Course Content

This is a one session course and contains the  Audio Download of Divine Mother’s message and a written Transcript.

Prerequisite for this course is Hear Thy Soul: Receive its Guidance. To read more and to register for the prerequisite, click here.

If you have any questions, please write us an email at support@nasrinsafai.com.

Tuition: Reduced from $150.00 to $33.00 for a limited time.


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