HTS – Connecting to Indigos & Creating Best Ultimate 5D Reality for All PH I

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $150.00.

In this month’s Hear Thy Soul course we establish and reinforce our connection with the Children of the New Age, the Indigos, and work energetically with them,  Divine Mother and Goddess Victory to create the Ultimate Fifth Dimensional Reality that is the best possible for all.

Divine Mother has indicated that it is now time to focus our attention to the creation of the best Alternate Reality for ourselves and our loved ones in the 5th Dimensional Octave. In the previous months we focused our efforts on: a) the creation of a Solid foundation by creation and completion of a pathway, a golden Bridge, to the 5D; and b) the awakening of the Indigo Souls.

Divine Mother is greatly pleased to now help us connect fully to the specific layers of the 5D Octave most suitable for us and for all the Indigo Souls who are awakening. This will allow us to create a safe and peaceful environment for ourselves, our loved ones and for those Indigo Souls who have made a Spiritual Contract to be the leaders of our future world; a world free of corruption, selfishness, untruths and malice. We join together again and continue on this fascinating journey.


Tuition: $150.00. 


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