Harmonic Convergence 2011

PTE MS: Harmonic Convergence 2011

Tuition: $79.00. For a limited time: $18.00.

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 Divine Mother says, This is the Most Important Ceremony to date


Comment from Student: Hello Nasrin, the harmonic convergence is incredible..thank you Christ Maitreya & Thank You Nasrin & Jim! & Us.


Course Overview

Harmonic Convergence is on August 16th. The first Harmonic Convergence happened in 1987 when many awakened and illumined Souls came together to pray for the Awakening of all Souls and Ascension of Mother Earth. The Planetary alignments on that date brought a closer connection to Higher Light from the center of the Galaxy. This Light, pouring on to Earth and humankind, became intensified and we began on an accelerated path. Performing ceremony on the anniversary of this date will further open the gateways of Higher Light and create a wider bridge between us and the Heart Core of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.


This Harmonic Convergence, Divine Mother takes us to the Retreat of Christ Maitreya. Here we perform a ceremony to receive the convergence of the Light and Signature Energies of Christ Maitreya, Sanat Kumara and St. Germain, magnified with the energies of Goddess of Victory and are fully illuminated with the Template of Divine Order and the Magnified version of the Triple energies of Violet Ray, Violet Flame, Violet Light.  

Course Content

This One Session Course includes a Guided Meditation audio about 90 minutes in length, a transcript of the session and a written summary of the Meditation.





Tuition: $79.00. For a limited time: $18.00.

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