Great Silent Watchers

PTE MS:Silent Watchers – Cosmic Guardian Angels of Earth and Humankind

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Wow!!! It is amazing to feel the energy of these wonderful and almighty Beings of Light.  I felt like a long time due, reunion. The love that I felt when I merged with each one of them has no comparison… their love for us is unmeasured.
We are very happy to announce that our beloved Metatron returns for this sojourn in Higher Realms, in the company of a throng of Silent Watchers. For many thousands of years, Metatron has been interceding on behalf of humankind and the Watchers. In September of 2010 Metatron was given a dispensation by Divine Mother to open up the Realms for the return of the Great Silent Watcher and her entourage which consists of about a dozen Silent Watchers and Legions of Angelic Beings called Watchers. Metatron promised to return in May of 2011 with arms full of gifts. Metatron is now returning, bringing the entourage of Silent Watchers and the Great Silent Watcher with him while opening the Higher Realms to us.

If you have ever seen the vision of a large eye or a pair of eyes watching you, then you have been blessed by the presence of Silent Watchers, great Cosmic Beings of immense size and power that are Guardians of Earth and Humankind.

Enoch becomes Metatron and Patron of the Watchers

These Cosmic Guardians and their Light have been absent from Earth for thousands of years. Their Legions of Watchers, however, have remained on Earth to watch over us. They have been known as the Sons of Gods, the Holy Ones and the Watchers. Without supervision from the Great Silent Watchers, over the thousands of years, some Angelic Watchers fell from Grace and became the Fallen Angels, They betrayed their promise to watch over us, took daughters of men as their wives and began to procreate.

Enoch, a wise holy man and a great prophet of the Old Testament and a beloved of God, befriended the Watchers. They asked him to write a prayer of penance on their behalf. Enoch presented the Watcher’s petition to God who did not pardon the Watchers but was well pleased with Enoch. Instead, God promised that upon his death, Enoch would become one of God’s Holiest and Highest Angels. Enoch was shown many secrets while roaming the Seven Heavens and was allowed to bring back his experiences and record the events. Enoch’s writings are known as Enoch One, Enoch Two and Enoch Three. At age 360, Enoch was taken by God to the Seventh Heaven to merge with and become Metatron.

Through this course, Metatron brings us the next chapter in the amazing story of the Watchers.


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