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PTE MS: Gifts from Divine Mother – Phase I; Healing, Protection, Fearlessness & Compassion

Tuition for this Four Lesson course is: $99

This is a PTE MS Home Study Course so there will be no Live Sessions. You may complete this course from the comfort of home at your own pace. However, we recommend that you follow the Instructions given at the beginning of each Lesson


I just finished Gifts from Divine Mother today and wanted to say what beautiful “empowerments” and gifts she bestowed.  Each part was truly amazing and seemed to build upon the next.  It’s very helpful to receive these grids of support from such great Beings.  I felt especially connected to Goddess Victory… her energies infused me at much deeper levels with this course.  I get the sense at this time of “Victory” truly running in my blood and veins!  I also feel a similar rapport with Great Silent Watcher and know that staying beyond fear and progressing within my Dharmic Path will be much easier now.  I don’t know what it is about this course, but I really feel that its impact is far, far greater than I realize. Thank you, Nas, and I thank Divine Mother and all the Beings who consented to gift their energies and overlight me and all those participating in this course in a very special and potent way. Many blessings to you.


Overview of the Gifts from Divine Mother Series

This is indeed a great gift to begin the spiritual year which starts in November 2011 and ends in November 2012. It adds new and unique tools to our spiritual tool box to carry us through the decade into 2020, the Universal Year for Attainment of Mastery. These gifts are filled with loving compassion to open our hearts further to Mother’s Love and to deepen our connection with Divine Mother and all Female Beings who constitute the Creative Force of the Feminine Principle.

In this series of courses, we focus on special occasions when Divine Mother bestows gifts upon us. Divine Mother cherishes each of us and what we do on her behalf in service to Light, whether we serve collectively, in groups or individually in our unique ways. Each of these special occasions are filled with love, sweetness, joy and celebration. Each one is a true gift to lift up our spirits and to remind us that we make a great difference in our world and beyond. Divine Mother and all Cosmic Goddesses who are involved with the advancement of Earth at this present juncture, need our support and service to anchor the energies of the Feminine Principle and to facilitate our return to Light within the bosom of the Mother.

We can be a catalyst for the return of balance between the Male and the Female Polarities. This balance has gradually gone askew over the past few thousand years. Each Phase in this series is geared to provide tools, boost our vibration, simplify, facilitate and enhance our ability to induce positive change in our lives and our environment. The presence of Divine Mother and other Female Beings in our lives is indeed a gift in itself. This series of courses illuminate our awareness of their presence and positive influence and grace in our lives.


PTE MS: Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase I; Healing, Protection, Fearlessness and Compassion

Phase I is a gift of thanksgiving from Divine Mother to all of us. It offers sweet nuggets of love that Divine Mother has bestowed upon us.

Divine Mother invites Goddess Lalita, as the Sweet Mother, Gaiatri, as the Protectress, Victory, as the Bestower of Victory, Mother of the Universe, Mother of the Cosmos and the Great Silent Watcher, as the Bestowers of their Healing Lights of Fearlessness, Protection, Compassion and Empowerment.

Join Divine Mother and these amazing Beings in Phase I of this beautiful and powerful series.

Tuition: $99.00.


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