Flame of Ascension

PTE MS: Flame of Ascension

The Masters have called us, the emissaries of their Light, to prepare the path for the anchoring of the Ascension Flame into the 5th dimensional octave. Through this course we will embody and carry the Flame of Ascension into the 5th dimensional octave.

Course Purpose

To receive initiations to illuminate the Flame of Ascension in our hearts, we will visit the retreats of Ascended Masters such as:

Lord Sananda and Star Astrea,

Lord Melchizedek and Lady Malak,

Master Thoth and Lady Veyga,

Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus,

St. Germain and Lady Portia,

Lord Metatron and Divine Mother.

Receive special gifts from the Goddess of Liberty.

Participant Feedback

“To let the full magnitude of what has been achieved into my being is beyond words. I did not think I would see this day so soon in this life if at all– to bring our Beloved  Sanat Kumara so close to” home”,  is beyond words, is beyond the concept of gratitude that I am aware of in this state of consciouness my heart is bursting. Bless you both in all ways of the Light.” D.W. New Jersery

“Yet another magnificent course from Waves of Bliss …It’s so wonderful to serve alongside of the Masters and all of you …Words cannot express the happiness and fulfillment I’m feeling right now.” G.D. Belgium

“I wanted to pass along how wonderful the Flame of Ascension series was.  I was astounded by the work we did and particularly on the final day with Lady Liberty and Sanat Kumara.  Yet all of it was amazing, and I feel so honored to be a part of this anchoring.  The recognition we receive at the retreats and how it feels so natural indicates how we’re all working together towards greater expansion of the Creator and of consciousness.  We’re just doing it from different points, though as a team and as a family. So, I want to thank you with all of my heart for including me in this series. It meant and means so much to me.” C.P.


Tuition: $110.00





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