Flame of Ascension II


PTE MS: Flame of Ascension II

In Ascension Flame, Phase I we achieved a great and unprecedented feat. We brought a spark of the Ascension Flame, held in the Sacred Altar at the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source in the safe keeping of Melchizedek and Malak, to the Sacred Altars at St. Germain’s Royal retreat and at the Etheric Retreat over Zurich. From these two retreats we brought the Ascension Flame to the Sacred Altar in the 5th Dimensional Octave and in so doing we triangulated the Ascension Flame between St. Germain’s Royal Retreat, the Retreat over Zurich and the 5th Dimensional Octave to increase the sustaining power of this Octave.

Having accomplished this feat, we then established Sanat Kumara at his Throne in the 5th Dimensional Octave. This was an event that has changed the course of the history of Earth and Humankind.

Now, in Ascension Flame, Phase II we will witness the unprecedented event whereby Lady Quan Yin joins forces with Christ Maitreya to become the Residing Deities of the Throne of YHWH. Together, we will perform a ceremony to participate in and witness the official installment of Christ Maitreya and Quan Yin upon the Throne of YHWH. We will then take the momentum gained and bring a Spark from the Original Ascension Flame, held by Divine Mother at the Throne of Absolute, into the Throne of YHWH. Finally, we will open up a Tunnel of Light to the 5th Dimensional Octave from the Throne of YHWH. In this way we triangulate between the Throne of Divine Mother, YHWH and the 5th Dimensional Octave, thereby further enhancing and magnifying the energies at the 5 D Octave. This will further accelerate us in establishing the 5th Dimensional Octave in perfection and in our ability to live a 5th Dimensional Life on Earth now.

This is a great service to Earth and Humankind and to Divine Mother in helping her to achieve her Highest Divine Mission here on Earth on our behalf.

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Prerequisite: You must have taken Phase I to be eligible for Phase II. To read more on Ascension Flame I and sign up, click here.

If you are interested in participating and wish to take advantage of our hardship program, please contact us at HomeStudySupport@nasrinsafai.com . All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

Course Content

  • Flame of Ascension Phase II is offered in 3 Lessons.
  • Each Lesson contains an audio recording, 60 to 90 minutes long of invocations, information and a guided meditation by Goddess Isis, channeled by Nasrin.
  • Each Lesson has a summary text of the Invocations and the Guided Meditations plus a transcript of the Goddess Isis channeling

Course Instructions

  • Perform Grounding Meditation & Set up the Grids as given at the beginning of each meditation.
  • Listen to each Lesson audio and perform the meditations at least once then you may repeat the meditation by listening to the audio or using the text summary.
  • It is recommended that you repeat as often as possible for 48 hours before moving on to the next Lesson.
  • If you are guided to move to the next Lesson faster or slower than recommended, use your own judgment and be gentle with yourself.
  • Always invoke your Guides, the Thrones and Great Beings of Light to come forth and stand with you during each meditation and always.


Tuition: $90.00


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