Festival of Diwali 2012 – Gifts of Abundance from Goddess Lakshmi and Divine Mother

Tuition for this 1 session course is $71.00.

This is a Home Study Course, so no live session will be given. You may listen to the meditation provided at your convenience. It doesn’t matter when you begin this course, you will connect to the energies of the 2012 Ceremony and receive full potency of all gifts through your intention to serve in this way and to send your love to Goddess Lakshmi and Divine Mother. 

Course Background: Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi’s Festival of Lights, denotes the entry into the reign of Light and celebrates the entry into a new spiritual year. The exact day that Diwali falls is based on the Lunar Calendar; it changes from late October to mid November. This year the first day of the 5 day Festival coincided with a full Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse signifies the Feminine Aspect (the moon) taking charge over the Masculine Aspect (the Sun). This makes Goddess Lakshmi’s Day even more auspicious and the many gifts bestowed on us even more potent.

In this beautiful course, Divine Mother guides us in a meditation to receive gifts of abundance, the golden glyph from the Book of Knowledge, precious gems jewels and gold and other gifts to accelerate us on our spiritual path and to achieve success and wealth in the world.

Join us to celebrate the 5 days of Diwali.




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