Fall Equinox 2012 Ceremony

Tuition: $88.00. For a limited time: $18.00.


Divine Mother builds on the energies established throughout the summer including the 9/9/2012 Portal Day event. We recommend that you listen to the free audio of the  9/9/12 Portal Day Group Session (found on the Gateway Portal Day Page) and practice the meditation given there before you perform this course meditation.

In this course, Divine Mother works with Goddess Victory and the Council of the Divine Feminine to help us illuminate our Light Bodies and pave the path for moving Earth en mass to the 5th Dimensional Octave. This is an opportunity to bring your Signature Energy to magnify the impact of this intention for yourselves, all humankind and our Mother Earth.

You can join us with Divine Mother and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine in celebrating this major Portal Day leading up to the 12/21/2012 Portal. 



$88.00.  For a limited time: $18.00.


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