Fall Equinox 2011

Tuition: $79.00. For a limited time: $18.00.



This was amazing!  Divine Mother keeps topping herself, I think.  I know it’s all part of the plan of ascension for Mother Earth and all of humanity.  I’ll keep working with these energies and going with Divine Mother and Cosmic Mother of the Universe to this temple/altar.  Thanks so much, Nas, for all that you do and for allowing me to participate.  I know when Divine Mother says it’s an “unprecedented event”, she means it!! 

St. Germain and Quan Yin come together under direction from Divine Mother to perform ceremony for the full anchoring of the Violet Flame Ray, especially to restore Divine Order, back on Earth. From Fall Equinox of 2011 to Winter Solstice of 2012 (12/21/2012) we are in an 18 month period of time earmarked for the completion of our entry into the 5th Dimensional Octave through the December 2012 Portal.

Lord Buddha is the Guardian of Non-violence and the promoter of the Middle Path, the path of the mindful merging of Mundane and Sublime. He offers his power and strength in promoting Non-violence and adherence to the Middle Path to Quan Yin’s Compassion and St. Germain’s Transmutational Forces to restore Divine Order back on Earth.

With the Age of Aquarius, we commence the 2000 year Reign of the Seventh Ray. St. Germain as the Guardian of the Violet Ray, resides over the Age of Aquarius. Quan Yin, Goddesss of Compassion, was the Guardian of the Seventh Ray for the previous 14,000 years until she transferred the Guardianship to St. Germain in 1954 in preparation for the upcoming Age of Aquarius.

Quan Yin has chosen to focus her undivided attention on bringing Energies of Compassion to Earth. She is especially intent on focusing her power and life force in providing guidance for the young souls who are all born to serve during this Age to further the Light on Earth and serve on the Seventh Ray. Her own experience with the Seventh Ray is now providing a tool for all these so-called Indigo Souls, collectively called by that name because of their aura emanating the purple Light of the Seventh Ray.

You are invited to perform a Fall Equinox Ceremony with Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Lord Buddha and St. Germain. Together we pave the path for the enfoldment of Divine Order, as we prepare ourselves to finalize our move through the 5th Dimensional Portals and embark upon the Age of Aquarius.



$79.00. For a limited time: $18.00.


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