Embody Your Higher Self


Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Pendulums, Wands and Crystals.

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Masters, Living and Ascended

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Embody Your Higher Self

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: The Only Way out is In

Pendulums, Wands & Crystal Grids | Masters, Living and Ascended | Embody Your Higher Self | Only Way Out Is In

We now have a few video courses to share with you. These video courses are meant to help you connect to the Masters and their energies further. They offer you tools for the elevation of your soul and greater joy in living life in this world.

In these courses tools are offered to open the mysteries of greater health, wholeness, peace, harmony, happiness and joy within us through guided meditations, ceremony, Sacred Dance and grids of Light, as we call to peace and harmony, joy and Light to be permanently established within us and each other. We will serve the light further by anchoring these grids into our environment for the benefit of Earth and all souls.

For your convenience we are offering four packages.

1. Masters, Living and Ascended. This explains fully the importance of Ascended and Living Masters, Teachers and Gurus.

Topics Covered:

  • Invocations with the Angelic forces
  • Creating a pool of the Five Elements
  • Ascended Masters, Living Masters, Gurus and teachers and their significance in our lives.
  • Channeling

2. Embody Your Higher Self.

Topics Covered:

  • Grounding Technique
  • 11 layer Grid of Protection
  • Meditation to Heal your Sacred Geometries
  • 8 Pointed Star Grid
  • Bonus audio: Meditation to Embody the Higher Self

3. Pendulums, Wands & Crystal Grids. Learn to heal yourself and others and clear space with three special techniques using pendulums, Selenite Wands and Crystal Chakra Grid Kits to clear energy from your house, car, office and environment as well as the chakras of your body, your energy bodies and perform healing and clearing for other people, places, and things.


Topics Covered:


  • Pendulums
  • Chakra Grid Kit
  • Clearing Space
  • Selenite Wands
  • Singing Bowls & Chakras

4. The Only Way Out Is In. This is the complete package which includes all three courses above in addition to two bonus videos.

Topics Covered:

  • All topics in above three courses
  • Bonus #1: Meditation at Retreat of Ascension with Serapis Bey
  • Bonus #2: Sacred Dance

Once purchased you may download these courses and see them at your leisure as many times as you wish and share the teachings with your loved ones.

To watch a sample video clip, click on one of the titles below.


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1. Masters, Living and Ascended: Regularly $150.00. Now for a limited time: $12.00.
2. Embody Your Higher Self: Regularly $150.00. Now for a limited time: $12.00.
3. Pendulums, Wands and Crystal Grids: Regularly $150.00. Now for a limited time: $12.00.
4. Only Way Out Is In (includes all three courses listed above 3): Regularly NA. Now for a limited time: NA


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