Creation of Angelic Watchers

PTE MS: Creation of Angelic Watchers

with Melchizedek and Divine Mother

New Home Study Course


This is a 2 Session Home Study Course. There will be no live events for this course.

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Important Companion Course:  V:B001:1105 Silent Watchers – Guardian Angels of Earth and Humankind.


Course Content

This course is made up of 2 Lessons, each with a Guided Meditation, Transcript of the Meditation and a Meditation Summary. It is recommended that each Lesson’s Guided Meditation be repeated for a 24 hour period before moving to the next.


Course Overview

The Angelic Watchers were Great Angelic Guardians sent from the Seven Heavens to be the guardians and guides for humankind. However, over time they became corrupted. For 8,000 years, their petition to return to their Source was denied. In August of 2010, a new petition was put forth by Metatron and sanctioned by Divine Mother and the Cosmic Councils. The migration of the Angelic Watchers back to their Source began at that point.

In May of 2011, Metatron brought a new wave of Watchers, replacing those who left. We became the witness of their return during the course entitled, Silent Watchers, Guardian Angels of Earth and Humankind. The full details of the responsibilities and significance of the Watchers is explained in that course. To read more and register for that course, click here.

In this two session Home Study Course, Divine Mother invites us to witness an unprecedented event.

In Session 1, we witness Divine Mother call forth the last of the Angelic Watchers, who have remained behind, to return to their Source. She gathers them from the four corners of Earth’s Multidimensional Realities and brings them to the Pool of Creation. Their Soul Essence and their Life Force is then lifted out of the Pool, by the Ionic Matter of the Metatronic Source, to return to the Metatronic Band and to then dissolve into the Great Silence.

In Session 2, we witness the creation of the Seed of Life which becomes the Life Giving Force for fashioning 144 new Silent Watchers and 144,000 Angelic Watchers. The 144 Silent Watchers will oversee the Angelic Watchers. The 144,000 Angelic Watchers are sent to occupy the Celestial Realms and become the Guardians of the Seven Heavens. They will also occupy from the 13th Dimension down to the 3rd to become the Guardians of all souls and to guide earth and humankind to the higher vibration that awakens us to our Higher Selves and opens the Gateways to the 5th Dimensional Octave.

Each participant in this course will have the opportunity to receive the Guardianship of one Silent Watcher, as your Personal Cosmic Guardian, and 1,000 Angelic Watchers to guide, guard and accelerate you in the manifestation of your spiritual needs and worldly success.

Important Note: The 144 Silent Watchers will become the Life Force of the Throne of Ellah in the 55th Dimension. We will celebrate the installment of these Silent Watchers through the live course entitled, Silent Watchers at the Throne of Ellah.

Tuition typically: $88.00.

For a limited time: $33.00.


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