Christ Maitreya & Angels of Wisdom

PTE MS: Christ Maitreya and the Angels of Wisdom

Divine Mother has called this, “the most important mission of your lives, thus far …”

Here is a comment from a student that has taken this course:

Dear Nasrin,

How wonderful are these energies of the Christos and especially of Christ Maitreya. There was a deep deep silence in and around me, very extraordinary, like “Oneness”….  I could feel His presence. From my childhood, before sleeping I open my window and I say to the stars: Masters of Love and Wisdom, here I am. Do you see me? Now in this Golden Age, we are the co-creators of these Angelic Forces…. unbelievable, but so it is. And all humankind and our planet Gaya will benefit of it. ALL ARE ONE!

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Your Individual Signature Energy is needed to co-create a Legion of Guardian Angels. The significance of this course is that it offers us an opportunity to serve by magnifying the impact of Divine Mother and Christ Maitreya’s Divine Mission on Earth. You are called to add your Signature Energy to the creation of 144,000 Cosmic Guardians of Wisdom from Divine Mother’s Pool of creation.

This is a Home Study Course which means there are no live channeling sessions. The link to the course material will be sent to you when you purchase the course and you may begin immediately and continue at your own pace.

Course Content: This course contains 4 Lessons. Each of the four Lessons contains a brief text and an audio. The main component of each Lesson in this course is the audio. The text has been kept to brief invocations and intentions so that you fully receive the energies through repeatedly listening to the audio.

Purpose of the course: Through these 4 sessions, Divine Mother and Christ Maitreya request our presence to witness and participate in the commissioning of a series of Angelic Beings called Angels of Wisdom.

We will fashion these Cosmic Angels of Wisdom by administering our Individual Signature Energy and our Group Light into their substance. They are being brought to form in the Pool of Creation with the Pure Essence of the Five Elements and the Liquid Light of the Christos. This will be achieved by Christ Maitreya, Divine Mother and you in a Trinity of Father, Mother and Child.

These angels are points of Light that will illuminate the Planetary Grid attracting greater Light to Earth and to Humankind. These Angels will also hold the perfected essence of new Templates and facilitate the installation of the Masters of Wisdom in their positions, as our leaders and decision makers.

The Masters of Wisdom are the entourage of Beings, some physically incarnate and others ascended, who have offered themselves in service to Christ Maitreya. However, up to now, they have been limited by the density of our current 3rd Dimensional duality. This course will provide them with a boost to accelerate their impact on behalf of Christ Maitreya for the benefit of all. Their active participation is sorely needed, especially at this volatile juncture, when Earth is trying to clear herself of her own unwanted energies and lower vibrations.

Who is Christ Maitreya? To read about Christ Maitreya and his mission, click here.

Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom highly recommend that we recite the prayer of The Great Invocation daily.  It transmits the energies of great Light, peace and harmony.  Christ Maitreya recites the higher dimensional version of this mantra to raise the Quotient of Light for Earth and all souls.

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power 
restore the plan on Earth.

Course Synopsis

Lesson 1: Clearing your Five Body System and receiving Atonement.  (Length of Meditation Audio: 37 minutes).

This Lesson prepares you to breathe your Life Force into the Cosmic Angelic Beings that are to be fashioned. The first exercise helps prepare you to clear your energy to receive Christ Maitreya. Standing in the Core of the Earth, Christ Maitreya sends his Teal Blue Green Light to your Cosmic and Personal Heart to free the energies of pain and struggle. His Light will help to heal the scars from past trauma, thereby clearing and expanding your Five Body System with the signature energy of Christ Maitreya. Then we go before the altar at the Throne of Absolute to receive a thorough anointing and an initiation to prepare us to embody the Perfected Blueprint of our Soul Signature Energies.

Lesson 2: Fashioning of the Guardian Angels of Wisdom. (Length of Meditation Audio: 53 minutes).  Through a beautiful ceremony at the Pool of Creation, Christ Maitreya and Divine Mother command the creation of the Guardian Angels of Wisdom. Using the Five Elements, Divine Mother commissions you to gather the materials and become the instrument to Fashion the Angelic Forces. The Angeles take form through your individual signature energies with the Pure essence of the Christos, bonded with the Teal Blue Green Signature energy of Christ Maitreya, and the Copper Gold signature energy of Divine Mother.

Lesson 3: Embodying the new Templates. (Length of Meditation Audio: 43 minutes). Through these Guardian Angels of Wisdom, the present Templates which have been corrupted will be repaired and renewed.  New Templates will replace the old.  With the help of these Angels, we will post these Templates onto the Planetary Body Gird and make it available to the Personal Body Grids of all souls who will be awakened to their Divinity, as a result of this work.

Lesson 4: Receiving the sanction from the Cosmic Mother of the Universe. (Length of Meditation Audio: 46 minutes.) We journey to the Universal Core to bring in energies of the Pure Light. The Cosmic Mother of the Universe imbues Fire from her altar into the Angelic Forces. This is the ultimate remedy. The remedies that exist within this Star System and this Galaxy have been tampered with. We are asking the Cosmic Mother of the Universe to bring in the Pure Essence of the Fire of Life from her own altar at the Universal Core. You, as an awakened soul in service to Light, are imbued with that energy.

Over a 33 day gestation period, 144,000 Cosmic Guardian Angels of Wisdom are fashioned to facilitate the return of the Masters of Wisdom. These Masters will occupy positions of leadership under Christ Maitreya’s tutelage. 110 Masters of Wisdom will take positions of powers with us as Emissaries of Light.

The accomplishment of the assignment in this course is our greatest Landmark event, individually and collectively as a group, to date.


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