Chakra System II

Chakras above the body along the Antahkarana Cord

It is most advisable that you would have taken Chakra System I and Five Body System I and II before this course. Click here to read more about Chakra System I and to register.

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Chakra System II

Students Say, Just completed the The Chakra System I &II .” Though I have studied and read much on chakras, the additional information in this lesson is much deeper and extremely helpful not to mention inspiring. D.H.

However, if you are drawn to do this course and feel that you have a fair knowledge of the 5 energy bodies also called the 5 Body System and the chakras of the body, called the Chakra System, in the format that we teach, you may begin with this course.

Home Study Course Model

This is a Home study Course. No live channeling or discourses will be given for this course so you will be able to work according to your own schedule. Once you have registered, you will have access to course material upon login to your account. You will be guided in the course material on how to proceed and how much time to spend on each meditational exercise.

Even though live channeling is not a part of this course, remember that the Masters are working directly with you as you perform each meditation.


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