Ascension Day 2011

Ascension Day with Goddess of Victory

Tuition: $88.00

This 2 session course welcomes the landmark anniversary of Ascension Day (which officially falls on April 24th every year).  In this course, we will celebrate Ascension Day with Divine Mother and Goddess of Victory.

The Flame of Ascension will be imbued with the energies of Victory and brought from the 108th Dimension, the Throne of Undifferentiated Source, to the temples in the 5th Dimensional Octave. Lord Melchizedek, our Universal Logos and his consort Lady Malak, together with our Cosmic Guardians of the Ascension Flame, will take part in this process. As the recipients of the Ascension Flame, imbued with the energies of Victory, we will play a greater role in anchoring the Higher Light and stabilizing Earth’s energies.

Our service in this endeavor is greatly needed at this important point of Earth’s evolution.



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