Anchoring the Divine Feminine at Niagara Falls Vortex

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There is an enormous Energy Vortex at Niagara Falls. The waters that flow through Niagara Falls, from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, continue to flow on through the St. Lawrence Sea way out to the Atlantic Ocean and throughout the Seas of Earth. So, the energies anchored at this Vortex are spread across the Globe through the waters of Earth; through the Water Element of Earth.

The falls at Niagara Falls are separated into two parts; one on the American side and one on the Canadian side. The falls on the American side is straight shaped and the Masculine Energies within this enormous Vortex. The falls on the Canadian side is in the curved womblike formation known as the Horseshoe Falls. This one carries the Feminine Aspect of the Water Element. Over the last decade many ceremonies have been performed at parts of the falls, energizing this critical Vortex and anchoring energies that have benefitted us all. Now, in this course, Divine Mother works with us to anchor a Pillar of Light which carries the Energies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine at this Sacred Site known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Note: PTE MS Home Study Courses have no Live Sessions. You may complete these courses from the comfort of home. Reference the Course Directions for guidance on frequency and duration for repetition of each Lesson meditation.



Tuition: $125.00


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